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  1. I think it's possible to write a program to do this, using the admin netcode documentation.
  2. It's not working anymore. Fix plskthxbai
  3. I took it down for now, I'm turning it into an actual standalone program. More on that coming soon, and yeah, I'm going to call it: "Oh No You Don't" back later with some pics
  4. Wow, this guy really is a dipshit. ^ this here proves my point. Could a mod please delete this thread
  5. And the sad thing is, I'm guessing he's going to use PunkBuster.
  6. Trying to ride on their tail? The real PunkBuster is a piece of shit. I just like the name. If they want to send me a cease and desist letter, fine
  7. sue me, I don't give a shit. MTA is a small public mod for a huge game, and PB is even smaller (I have no idea how many people even use it) blah... I'm not renaming it, I like the name...whatever readme coming soon, when I can be arsed just use the readme for 1.3 (i lost it, if anyone has it please post it here)
  8. My guess is that connecting through the dll rather than mIRC is going to make it lag even more...
  9. 1.3 released: http://xyz-host.com/pb/PunkBuster1.3.zip Please upgrade if you have a lower version, this fixes a major annoying bug in the health hack detection.
  10. No, why? edit: What the hell is it, lol?
  11. 1.2 has been released and incorporates many new ideas and features. See the first post for more information. Hopefully we can bring a stop to the annoying little kids who think it's cool to download hacks and abuse the game.
  12. Okay, I'll redo the post in a sec Thanks for the ideas, and yeah maybe that is a better idea Working on 1.2 now
  13. lol PunkCatcher is hilarious, it can be owned in one packet I might call it PunkRaper. What do you guys reckon? btw 1.2 release coming up soon
  14. Thanks everyone If you still want it, it's avaliable at http://fayte.digiwire.org/pb/PunkBuster-1.1.zip Feel free to refine it or whatever. However they are right, it's not perfect and is prone to kicking people for no good reason, but it _does_ kick 99% of cheaters (and some bots because they teleport across the map in less than a second). I've scripted/coded for a long time (mirc/php/html/vb/jscript), just never really done anything with it. It would be nice to join a team, but I think most teams could find better than me besides the languages I know are kinda useless for making games/
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