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  1. Yeah you must be pretty happy... EDIT: It's a verry good idea for a parkour mod in MTA but not just stupid animations mod .
  2. I didn't played GTA 4 son its gta san andreas for me ,vice city and 3 doesn't beat that . But i think i'd like gta 4 more ,i love doing parkour in gta .In a few months il get a new PC with 4 gigs of ram and nvidia 9800gt(i hope) and then il be able to run gta 4 ...
  3. It's a cleo mod... il be looking for this on mta too and of course it uses keys . I don't think it's strange ,what is strange about it ?
  4. anyone? It's just like some objects dont rotate verticaly they stay horizontal ...
  5. I decided to make maps in the old 1.1.1 beacause ,yeah this is a heartache... But the rotations are fked up ,they are not as i put them .Why ? I mean dammit isn't there a way to edit maps? The MED map editor is good but it crashes allot and you cant use that... Can Aeron make a new script to convert maps to ipl or something ....i really need help..
  6. I already use the old map2ipl ,that's the one im talking about but it doesnt convert 1.0 maps ... I tried of convertffs to convert mta map 1.0 to mta race map but it's still not right . When i make it with map2ipl it makes a stupid 1 kb file: # IPL generated from Map file D:\maptoipl\newmap.map inst end cull end path end grge end enex end pick end jump end tcyc end auzo end mult end it always does the same.... I really really need to convert from 1.0 somehow to ipl...
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2-fEMG0JQU
  8. No ,nothing works.... Damn i really need a miracle now...
  9. somethings wrong :the ipl's in the game have this format ammun4, 48, 1, 271.977, -147.912, 997.08, 321.869, -122.254, 1010.18 ammun5, 48, 1, 269.769, -173.992, 997.274, 326.533, -155.365, 1007.27 STORE, 54, 1, 195.959, -115.936, 1002.7, 220.53, -93.2475, 1012.7 but this object converter haves this CreateObject(944, 1552.505859375, -1321.2706298828, 22.328454971313, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000); // CreateObject(944, 1556.4541015625, -1320.7891845703, 20.342023849487, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000); // CreateObject(944, 1556.8287353516, -1317.6302490234, 17.815044403076, 0.000000, 0.00000
  10. Please someone give me a working map converter for this new version,im desperate !
  11. Hey guys i made a map in mta map editor the newest version and used delux map to ipl converter and i used it properly . But the destination ipl is 1 kb and has a few words in it like path object end etc ,and the .map is ok. Why is this ,can someone give me a map2ipl program ??? the online map2ipl doesnt work anymore . Please help me
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