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  1. ∞ Tr-Servers.com > Turkish Destruction Derby [TDD/THDD/TFDD/TCW] ∞ Tr-Servers.com > Turkish Hard Destruction Derby [TDD/THDD/TFDD/TCW] ∞ Tr-Servers.com > Turkish Fun Destruction Derby [TDD/THDD/TFDD/TCW] ∞ Tr-Servers.com > Turkish ClanWar/Training Server [TDD/THDD/TFDD/TCW] ∞TDD > [mtasa://] ∞THDD > [mtasa://] ∞TFDD > [mtasa://] ∞TCW > [mtasa://] Resmi Facebook Sayfamız : Bağlanmak İçin Tıklayın. Resmi Facebook Grubumuz : Bağlanmak İçin Tıklayın. Resmi Site
  2. mremin

    Server list spam

    I understand but i didn't see the type of Team DD gamemode. All of them are turkish server which you can see in the picture and they use our tag of tdd. To summarize, there arent team dd gamemode.
  3. mremin

    Server list spam

    Original: mtasa:// - ∞ TDD++ > Turkish Destruction Derby Our server was opened fourteenth (14th) October in 2012. At those time (when it was opened), we are the only one who use the tag of TDD and we are continue to use, too. But number of the server of spam start to increase. Firstly, we aren't consider this condition but now, it makes visual pollution and this doesn't make us satisfied, we want to see only our orginal server's ip adress when searching with tag of TDD. Thanks to crew of MTA:SA
  4. mremin


    working ty castillo.how can i make this script addcommandhandler buyhay:D
  5. mremin


    addCommandHandler ("buykick", function(player,command,kickPlayerName) local playerCash = loadPlayerData (player,"cash") if (tonumber(playerCash) > 19999) then if (findPlayerByName (kickPlayerName)) then local playerToKick = findPlayerByName (kickPlayerName) setTimer(kickPlayer,2500,1,playerToKick,getPlayerName(player) .. " have buykicked you!") outputChatBox (getPlayerName(playerToKick) .. " #FF0000is buykicked by " .. getPlayerName(player) .. "#FF0000.",getRootElement(),255,0,0,true) savePlayerData (player,"cash",loadPlayerData(player,"cash") -20000)
  6. mremin


    doesnt work. i have xml recording system
  7. mremin


    addEvent("buyHay", true) addEventHandler("buyHay", getRootElement(), function() if (tonumber(playerCash) > 19999) then savePlayerData (player,"cash",loadPlayerData(player,"cash") -20000) x,y,z = getElementPosition( source ) createObject ( 3374, x, y, z, 120, 0, 0 ) outputChatBox("Hay Successfully droped", source, 255, 255, 0, true) else outputChatBox("Not enough money.", source, 255, 0, 0, true) end end ) attempt to compare number with error]Pls helpme how can i work this script
  8. who is know string.match code?I need an example.
  9. yes u'r right but forum doesn't know, how to I learn.
  10. gave any script doesn't work.Work but it is not working the way I want
  11. [2011-01-15 19:30:57] CHAT: [sR]mR.EmiN: !points [2011-01-15 19:31:05] WARNING: puan\userdata.lua:370: Bad argument @ 'split' [2011-01-15 19:31:05] ERROR: puan\userdata.lua:371: attempt to index local 'message' (a boolean value)
  12. proracer [2011-01-15 19:24:21] WARNING: puan\userdata.lua:1: Bad argument @ 'addEventHandler' and doesn't work function
  13. again error. [2011-01-15 19:11:47] SCRIPT ERROR: puan\userdata.lua:2: '(' expected near 'abc' [2011-01-15 19:11:47] WARNING: Loading script failed: puan\userdata.lua:2: '(' expected near 'abc'
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