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  1. paul527: Inspiration? Yea they could be, they're just images of random ideas of mine, and maybe what I dream MTA could be. Azu: I would if I knew how, otherwise the MTA GUI is really easy to recreate... I drew the literal GUI in paint, and pasted everything in paint. I only used photoshop b/c of that transparency.
  2. The first and second image was essentially done in paint. http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=14839&highlight= Check that topic out, they were done in Paint 100%, not kidding.
  3. Ok, since when did Multi Theft Auto decide to make a bootable operating system that is able to play GTA, and MTA, without any windows resources running in the background? Since the rules disallow me from posting this big image you'll have to click it. http://www.kevinator.gtaplayer.com/usrimgs/mta2.png The bootup screen http://www.kevinator.gtaplayer.com/usrimgs/mtaclean.png The desktop http://www.kevinator.gtaplayer.com/usrimgs/mtadesktop.png The desktop running a few programs that the MTA team has provided us. As always tell me what you think
  4. Here are a couple of screenies http://img44.imageshack.us/my.php?image=mainmenu6yo.jpg http://img44.imageshack.us/my.php?image=error9kz.jpg Tell me how realistic they look did this in my spare time.
  5. For new people looking for a clan to join, it will be very hard for that person to decide which clan they want to join. There are so many, there should be like a post that actually shows ALL clans, and their stats and stuff cause there are pages and pages of clan threads. And for the people who want to join a clan, remember that it is up to you on which clan you want to join.
  6. Dont forget to remove all mods, in Vice City.
  7. I've had some scary moments with him... I wonder what's gonna happen to him.
  8. They aren't in any specific order, so here are current IPA members: (If you know some of them, say hi ) [iPA]kev [iPA]pimp [iPA]RageFX [iPA]Jukka [iPA]JMac [iPA]Mr.Dazy [iPA]Ryan [iPA]Tekken [iPA]Trikky Here are the leavers: [iPA]NuLL Lost member: [iPA]Vlad Status Unknown: [iPA]Skyway And the fired members: You should know this person, everybody been complaining about him hacking and stuff. He's in the VCL clan
  9. BossofIPA

    Good Luck!

    Thats true, I kinda get annoyed with the number of good lucks and useless comments. I want to recruit people not asking for comments. A post or two on comments or good luck is fine, but dont over do it.
  10. Didn't I clear that up in the post before? Give me a suggestion. (I didn't like the site doesn't help improve it)
  11. Here are some images from the IPA website. Uhhh..... taken by [iPA]NuLL* and The_One (aka Jukka) ROAD BLOCK!!! taken by [iPA]pimp,NuLL* and some other players Thats right PUT YO HANDS UP! taken by [iPA]kev which is me Smoking? by [iPA]NuLL* The IPA gang getting ready to go gangbanging. Why are we all girls though? LOL taken by [iPA]NuLL* * means that the person is no longer in the clan. I hope you like these pictures. I have more pictures but I am not sure if I am allowed to post pictures more than 800x600 resolution. Otherwise go to http://www.ipaclansite.tk and clic
  12. We will check that out too. Anything else you want me to clear up?
  13. Well the admins will be checking on LAG issues too. We rarely recruit people with over 200 ping. Thanx for clearing that up
  14. It should be an exe file. If you downloaded the bittorrent, then you must open the file with Bittorrent. Otherwise you should be able to double click it, if you downloaded it from the one of the mirrors. Make sure the file that you downloaded is called MTAInstall05.exe you can get it here http://www.multitheftauto.com/mta05/dow ... t_download. If you downloaded the servers (which you dont really need unless your running a server) then make sure that you downloaded the one that fits your operating system.
  15. [iPA] CLAN NOW RECRUITIN Hello! IPA is now recruiting some members and can use some help, like getting more members, server runners, or just join to be a part of the clan. Joining right now is fairly easy. Just reply or email us, and we will schedule a test time for you. Then you can get tested. To prepare yourself for the test look below on the IPA recruitment test. SERVER RULES: 1. NO CHEATING 2. NO HACKING 3. NO MODDING 4. NO GLITCHING 5. ENGLISH ONLY 6. NO CRUSADERS 7. NO HELI-KILLING 8. DON'T ANNOY THE ADMINS 9. Please keep swearing to a minimum.
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