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  1. this bug is the fault of audio card ??? what is win2k ?? how can i fix that ?
  2. i download anything ... but now my problem is ok ! ? i dont know why but thanks all !
  3. plz someone help me ! i use VC 1.1
  4. ya i checked this and it was still write 25/26 ive tried to disable my firewall and isnt better... Does the router can be the problem of that ? Help me plz i wanna play !
  5. This is the problem : The server says that there are 25 players and when i join the game, there is just me ! How can i fix that ?
  6. I asked some question in the chat to know how to fix this trouble : unhandled exception and the moderator kick me and banned me ! I just want to know how to fix this problem . The only thing i want is to play and have fun ... Please help me Thanks you
  7. y disent ca pour que tu change ta langue du jeu. part vice city pis mets le en anglais . après réessaye. mais moi aussi ca dit ce putain de message la : unhandled exception. !!! :@
  8. i cppy these files and the following message appear again Unhandled Exception blablabla ... Please find an other way to fix that ! loll
  9. yes i tried that. I dont know my game version, where can i find it ?
  10. i search about my problem and i try the different solution. the problem is here again. I reinstall VC and MTA and i can't fix it. Please help me !!! **sorry for myenglish i speak french**
  11. Hi, when i try to join a game, i click on connect. When its ready to join i click start game and this error appear each time i want to play? What should i do to fix this problem ? Thanks you Here the problem : Unhandled Exception : c0000005 At adress : 00652f80 Thanks
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