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  1. /me is scratching my head why this is being posted to public
  2. so how many times will they but up and down?
  3. ah ok but AA still pulls funny shit I know that
  4. I seen Utopia in AA TS is Utopia in AA now? nothing ever changes
  5. we just had another training with RCT very good game I enjoyed it loads
  6. someone is very serious about their emotions
  7. what do u mean Chode what clan is it biased towards
  8. lol yeh FMJ could have the most servers soon , and hehe smartie
  9. is their refs? although I won't be around for most of July
  10. eh I don't think its a ref needed personally this is just a who gets 3rd happyness match not part of the euna but played for fun.
  11. fun match to watch even on dial up where I was getting dizzy oh well I'm home now
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