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  1. Really? Wouldn't like an increase in bumping at all? It would make things funner. DM matches take too long as it is.
  2. DM in MTA usually is kinda boring. I think it'd be cool if there was an option to spice things up a bit. By having higher impact for collisions in DM, it would make things a lot funner. Right now to give anyone a good hit you need to gain a lot of speed, and even then they don't get thrown back too far. Would love to see around a 35% increase in car collision bouncing. Would be a lot funner, cars getting knocked back even with minimal speed gain, instead of two cars just grinding on each other. This would also help speed up a lot of DM maps. Sorry if it's been suggested before, if so, deal wi
  3. Well, admins get frustrated too, and when I renjoined I wasn't kicked again, so that was good i guess - But I agree, I don't think it should be a kickable offense either, but maybe that's just how the rules are at that particular server. If you want to crash out other people to get ahead, I think you should be able to. It's not a good way to make friends, it is a good way to make many enemies - Like I said I try and stay away from others as much as i can.
  4. This is somewhat of a rant...and probably already been brought up before, but I'm real tired of people in MTA:SA arguing over who crashed into them or 'rammed' them. First of all, isn't the game so out of sync with lag issues and such than no one can really successfully crash/ram anyone else persistently on purpose? I know people i've tried to send a few people swerving in the past, and just got spun out myself, happens all the time to me. I usually have under an 80 ping when I'm playing, and the majority of players are over 200 ping, but I still can't crash anyone on purpose. Which is why I t
  5. I'd also like to mention how I envision this playing out; Everyone else's car would be about 60% transparent, while you can see your own vehicle normally (no transparency). That's just how I envisioned it. If the other cars weren't transparent, it would be easy to get mixed up with the other cars and be blinded. Making opponent cars transparent would solve that. By the by...any chance this could be implemented soon? What are the odds of it being implemented at all? Just curious. I really want to play a mode like this.
  6. No collisions at all does sound better than the time period at spawn idea. Although spinning out/crashing other cars should be a part of the game, the lag sync issues aren't good enough yet where you could strategically crash out another player. I try and crash someone else once in a while (i'll admit ) but it all depends on the lag whether I crash them out or spin myself out, it's too hard to judge with the lag/sync issues currently. Thanks for the feedback.
  7. Yes, some maps have better starting positions than others, but this doesn't solve everything. You can still have a large amount of players (15+) within the same vicinity of each other, and off-the-bat collisions still happen even if the spawn points are placed a good deal apart from each other. Since everyone wants to be in front of the pack, and everyone's going in basically the same direction. So while some map designers use better spawn points than others, there's still the problem of many people crashing and spinning out other players before you even go 50 feet. I guess the complete ghost
  8. When I speak of spawning I meant primarily the initial spawn at the beginning of every race. I don't know if they'll want to completely take out player contact, or else it's not exactly an ideal 'multiplayer' game, taking out all of the player to player car collisions might not be the best way to do it. However, I'd definitely rather see that happen rather than how it is currently. Plus with the sync issues, crashing into other people without intent is easy to do, and it's hard to strategically block someone or crash someone else out to get ahead in the race, since some players lag more than
  9. Hiyas...first post here in a long while, I got a suggestion. I think one of the biggest problems with MTA SA is in races, it's way too much reliant on how you spawn. Do you get lucky and spawn in front or get unlucky and spawn in a big cluster of all the other players that all crash into you or turn you around? This all factors in way too much into the results of the race. What I suggest is having a time period at the beginning of all races (not Car DM matches) where all the players can't hit eachother. Say make it 20 seconds, that gives everyone a good chance to get off to a good start and c
  10. Talking about MTA San Andreas. I think it would be really cool if the crash impact could be adjustable by server admins. Right now when one car hits another, even if going real fast, it doesn't really send the other car flying, infact it doesn't move too much at all really. What would make derby maps 10x funner whas if they all had 3x the impact power, or at least 2x...but maybe it would be optional by server admins. Now tell me that wouldn't make derby maps funner What i would really prefer is if all derby maps automatically raised the level of impact when the server plays them, they have
  11. I think it would be great to have respawn points for all races in MTA, or at least make it an option for the server admin. There would be no respawn in derby matches obviously, but for race i think there definitely should be respawn points. It's so boring watching other people race for 5-10 minutes, that's not what GTA online should be about, that's my feeling anyways. Maybe this is already planned for the full release though, i dunno. I hope it is.
  12. I think Gang Wars could definitely be a great thing to adapt to Multi Theft Auto. In the game, there are different gangs, and each gang has their own territories, sometimes a certain gang tries to take over another gang territory, and the other gang would have to try and defend it. Sounds like that would be a GREAT mode for MTA:SA - Perhaps which ever gang gets all the territory first wins, or whichever gang had the most territory and the end of a specified time limit wins. I really like that idea, maybe it's already been mentioned before a bunch, but i really think it's vital to add it to the
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