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    KWK 3D Radio

    I just wanted to mention a huge update for this resource. KWK 3D Radio 2.5. I nearly did a complete overhaul of it and now finally this thing runs smooth. i have taken out nearly ever bug i can think of at this point. You now have full control over the Volume and see the Knob turn when you crank it up. You can turn on cool Sound effects,. You can now set a preference of GTA or Web stations, Fav and more. Just in time for Christmas !! Enjoy Please rate it if you love it.

    KWK 3D Radio

    This resource has been updated to replace old dead web based stations and many bug fixes. I highly recommend trying it again if you had issues with it in the past. Happy Halloween

    KWK 3D Radio

    After years away from scripting I was craving to get back into Multi Theft Auto. I always thought it would have been cool if the cars radios were 3D so you could hear them as they drive by. After looking at the new features in MTA I noticed its now possible to have 3D radio. Then I found out the files aren't exactly listenable and needed to be scripted back together so here 4000 lines later I present to you KWK3DRadio This resource makes the car radio 3D so other players hear the music in your vehicle and you hear theirs. This resource uses every audio file in GTASA and patches them back together into realistic sounding random stations with dj babble, station ids and more. If your server runs a weather changing script then the dj might mention incoming weather. There is stuff you haven't heard since you played the game in single player It adds a few stations from the web as well !! Warning you must have the original sound files installed with the game for this resource to work properly. Keys: Press < or > to switch stations. Press ? for next/random track(GTA stations only). Press M to change SFX modes. Scroll Wheel or Press +/- for volume. Commands: Type /radio - for help. Type /radio all - for all stations plus extras. Type /radio gta - for only gta stations. Type /radio stations - for stations with no extras. Type /radio web - for only web stations. Type /radio fav - to favorite the current station. Type /radio unfav - to clear the favorite setting. Type /radio display - to toggle display off and on. Type /radio <url> - to use your own url. Type /headphones - for client side portable radio. click below to download or join KWKSRV in your MTA server browser to try it.
  4. I just uploaded a nice little alarm clock resource for use in mta It shows the current time from your pc in 12hr format so you dont need to get out of game to see the current time You can also set an alarm to go off at the time you choose so you will never be late because of mta again Great for those mta junkies like me lol Youll find this and much more at
  5. funny how he never commented on the hidden pic of me getting a blowjob lol maybe i should add a passworded xxx directory
  6. ill leave that for you to enjoy lol
  7. would be great if you told me which ones you found to be broken so far
  8. upto you no i dont have them all converted i converted a few but its hard to decide what game modes to use etc i figured id leave it for others to decide what they would like to do with them i personally love to freeroam/stunt so i use them that way all in one giant map on my server
  9. oh you may be right i made that map like 1 week before the dm versions of mta came along i never did release it as a race map cause i planned on using it in dm maybe ill release a dm version some day thanks for reminding me
  10. should be i think its under my old mta race page here it is
  11. well not all but most of the resources on my server are posted
  12. Well not sure what happened to the domain i was using but it broke. I got pissed off cause this keeps happening lol So i spent a few bucks and got my own domain finally I also found the cause of the "too many redirects" issue so that should be fixed as well Feel free to browse Let me know if its better
  13. Well its halloween again so i figured why not release a few monsters 1. The UFO Mothership - one massive ufo made from in game objects and 2. The Titan - this is an unfinished resource that i had intended to make into a full game mode like 2142 but due to some issues with mta discovered during production it has been put on the back burner but its very cool regardless The titan mode script included will highjack any game mode and all players will spawn on the titan feel free to remove it if you like
  14. Well they were Top Secret for quite a while and some still are Top Secret atleast for now Anyways I updated my server to 1.1 the other night and found a ton of old script errors and some depreciated funcions in my resources. I also found an mta bug that made all my moving object scripts look awfull lol. After mentioning it to ccw, a nightly update came along and like magic everything is fine again lol so If you use mta 1.1 and are getting debug spam from my resources please download them again because they have all been updated for 1.1 and If you have strange rotations on all my moving object type resources (like Roto Race Park) be sure to update to the latest nightly version for the bugfix to make it playable again
  15. I just released one of the cooler things i ever made for Multi theft Auto "Roto Race Park" (as seen here ^ among other things ) Features: A rotating loop race track suspended between 2 towers A working draw bridge Elevators , jumps, and more
  16. hey i hope you found what you were looking for if you didnt youll find it and much much more for mta:race and mta:dm/1.x here
  17. thx i have found a few bugs like i knew i would so i have been updating the files if you have any issues try again in a bit ill probably have it all fixed shortly if you notice something thats not being fixed let me know
  18. New Release: Christmas Carnage Game Mode Collect gifts and return them to the team HQ to unlock weapons and vehicles. First team to collect the gifts wins Download this and more at: ps i cant test this with more than one player so if there is any issues please let me know and ill fix it asap update: now fully tested and tweaked thanks go to those who helped test
  19. set his gravity to 0 then he wont fall through the ground when it streams out set it back when he returns from cam view
  20. works fine on my chrome install for some reason so i dont know what the issue is there is no redirects used at all lol
  21. try now i fixed a ton of errors but there is still a few i cant fix