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  1. I'm guessing you've purchased that then..
  2. "Maded"? it's actually "Made", a and bit are two seperate words also so it's a bit.
  3. Silent

    XE - Xtreme Elites

    So you're saying calling someone Hitler is Racist?
  4. Silent

    XE - Xtreme Elites

    That is unacceptable.
  5. I've never heard of you before or seen you. So go crawl back under youre rock. I didn't try and pass the blame. I didn't brag. I didn't make anything up about anyone. So please fuck off.
  6. Actually Frettub I'm older than you so please get your facts right. And because someone asks for something it means there a child please save it for someone who cares.
  7. Well UK havn't played anything yet although BrophY's busy.
  8. ohhh here he is look who's crawled from his hole.
  9. You could have just coded that then. That proves jack shit.
  10. Plagerism? Plagerism Tommis you me. I didn't change the name of the scripts, Please don't say this shit. And the site is from clantemplates.com spike so it's free to use.
  11. Tommis your a hipocrit. I trusted you to host my scripts yet you abuse this and ban everyone, I'm sorry but you've taken this too far. It's a game no need to act like this.
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