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  1. For anyone concerned, the song name I got it as is 'Grand Theft Audio - We Luv You'. A hellishly weird song name, but that's what it's called for me. And Liviu, don't triple post, ya fud! Hope I helped
  2. Hell, it'd only take 10 minutes if needed hardly any bother.
  3. Hey folks, as you may or may not know I'm making a big movie project entitled '69 Days Later', and I'll need a lot of extras for one scene I have planned. Obviously, this will mean confused n00bs would pour in and ruin the shot. So I'm wondering if any clans here would want to star in this movie (and be thanked for it in the credits of course) in a server they host, and for it to be passworded so nobody runs in. I know it's a big ask but I'm not just some one-annoying-video-per-day person, I'm really putting in the effort for this and this will be released on July 2005, if all goes well. I
  4. Bump, my IP is annoying in that it's not unique. Hell, I hate rapidshare because it always thinks I've already downloaded something from there even though I haven't - it reads I.P.s and there's limits and such, anyway I know of only this account, I wouldn't use multiple-accounts unless I had to, and I don't... Still very confused, glad people like me vid and I'll go back tonight and try to fit that damn Infernus in that ACT!
  5. Whoa, I only have ONE account! Where did 4 come from? Erm, this is my only account...dang, that's confused the hell outta me.
  6. Fine then Mr Complicated, here is a filefront link especially for you: Stunty McStunts-a-lot (Filefront version)
  7. Yeah, sorry for misleading you heh. Actually it was ten minutes playing around, I spent longer editing the damn thing. And I'm new to the PC version of GTA so I'm adjusting to the controls - I do like bike stunting BUT I ain't too great at it, i'll practice a lot and then will think about going all-out on something big. Anyways, it's just something to waste 5 minutes of yer life - even though there wasn't much there, it could've been much worse
  8. And you have the worst grammar I've ever seen and that includes text-talkers and guys who add either 'izzle' or 'io' to the end of every single word. Thank you for the kind words, though.
  9. Yep, bored for 10 minutes on MTA so I produced this work: Stunty McStunts-a-lot I was REALLY bored today. Just messing around, it's more about editing than anything else - I'm a better editor than I am a stunter! [/url]
  10. Fraps goes slow for me - double it and see the results, if it works then great, if not then boo-friggen-hoo!
  11. Actually, my graphics card sucks at a measly 64MB but thank you all the same
  12. Not meaning to triple-post...but it's a fun pic! The VCES crew ask me to get a picture of them all jumping off a building together. As sad as this may sound, I also recorded it on Fraps. Oh joy...
  13. Well, Mxyzptlk was the dialogue and he said some Mexican guy always said it like "mang" instead of "man". I dunno, I'll ask him who it was later and such. I tried creating my own server, password-protected too - some bastard still got in and ruined things. I WAS planning on asking if the VCES guys wanted in on this though. The army story, the bridge part - took 3 whole days to do thanks to interuptions and waiting for right time and weather. Anyways, don't you have to pay for your own server and scripts and such? I'm still a bit of a newbie at MTA keep in mind EDIT: I'd be willing to a
  14. I bleedin' hope to get it done by then, I've barely started the next episode and since it's all done on MTA, you have to get everything right - what time of day it is, which ped skins you're stuck with, what weapons the bad guys have, hoping that no n00bs will interrupt during filming. It really IS a challenge doing this on MTA - but so far so good
  15. Well, in case people don't get the set-up the sailor's story is just them waiting for the delivery and then hearing an explosion. The Mexicans plan their attack, talk a little and then you see them with their ambush and the story stops when you see the truck on fire. And the army story, my favourite, shows the full army story and the big-arse explosion at the end - It's pretty much all going on at the same time. The next story will start with a narration from special guest Pandazoot, who's desperately trying to get VC to install properly so he too can play MTA heh. Anyway, after that it'll
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