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  1. Yeah what Boger said, I'm in the exact same situation but noone seems to be answering the question I am asking. I tried to create a text document and call it coreconfig.xml in hope that the .xml would make it a .xml but it didn't work.
  2. Fast and Furius I do have that one! lol, but I don't understand what to do with it, I do not have the coreconfig.xml file, I am in the GTA SA>MTA folder but it is not there!! Should I create it manually? if so how!? And again to the fast and furious when you say "download", do you mean copy and paste? I'm just so confused about all this.
  3. I will try to reinstall but I will first explain this issue again for anyone that doesn't understand my question. I have an issue where the menu crashes. I went to find out about the problem and according wikepedia uploading the modified version of the coreconfig.xml file into the MTA folder fixes this. There was no coreconfig.xml file there so I created it myself. My game still crashes in the same place. My question is did I create the coreconfig.xml file correctly by right clicking and created a new text document, naming it coreconfig.xml and then copying and pasting the code shown in
  4. Anyone? it's been a day and not one person has replied.
  5. I've been looking at how to fix my menu crash and I came across this. "This can be related to a lack of support for DirectX or video card features, on your system, which are needed to run the dynamically rendered menu. This dynamic menu is enabled by default. Try disabling the dynamic menu by downloading the adjusted coreconfig.xml file and placing it in our GTA San Andreas\MTA directory (overwriting any existing files). " I've clicked the link which took me to the contents of the coreconfig.xml file which look like this: − − Player 1 7 0 0 128 100 0 0 191 110 1.000000 1.000000
  6. Yeah I'm stuck with you aswell, I tried to create the file like the guy said, I right clicked and created a new folder and named it what he said, I then inserted the info into the folder in a text file, but this didn't work, I wish people would explain things better.
  7. If you want to try it on your own in the editor, save it to C:\Program Files\MTA San Andreas\mods\map_editor\maps If you want to play it on a server, most should already have it. Thanks I managed to find it in the end anyway. Thw route is fecking hard I can't do the first bit I get to the end of sewers then crash.
  8. Yeah since this is sort of what I want as well is there any chance of a vote kick.
  9. Where do I save the map to ? Sorry i'm new to MTA
  10. When i'm in a vechile with a machine gun when I fire I hear the sound but then it stops it apears that i'm still shooting because of the fire coming out but there is no sound, and sometimes when I fire nothing happends any ideas ?
  11. He hasn't even given you any specs of his PC and somehow you know its his PC ?
  12. Just letting you guys know that it would be really cool to have a undo button in map editor, is there any chance of adding this in the new patch ?
  13. I know it's not alright and know I know that it won't work i'll buy it, the reason I said it was ok is because I own GTA VC on PS2 and Xbox and I didn't want to spend anymore money because I just ordered GTA SA for Xbox and I have it on PS2.
  14. I got it of Limewire, I know it's not legal but I own Vice City on the PS2 and Xbox so I think it's sort of ok if I download it for PC.
  15. Everytime I try to start the game through MTA it cannot locate the game, try reinstalling GTA or MTA and reset your paths, whihc I have done all of those and it still does it, I have my path connected to the GTA-VC file the one witht he pink picture, and it works fine offline, what should i do ?
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