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  1. well that was a quick ass reply like 1 minute lol
  2. nice idea fishbulb mafia would be a good pick to do that to but it would need to work with a mod for some kind of oldschool airplanes give the game a sense of dogfight combat
  3. well i had a funny idea how about the sims 2 multiplayer,mod the game core give people guns cars and the ability to sell drugs and use them maybee a strip club with some real live stripers/hookers seeing how the sims online bombed out badly cause it was alittle too how do you say shitty the mta team could make it bad ass lol
  4. first off a big shout out to oli first post of mine you have responded to and you are very welcome also another shout out to mrbumb both you guys are very well known by the public for your work and support lmao@pong online and the info for mta blue in theory being a possible core for other multiplayer gaming is a big plus!!! if anyone has a incredible idea for a "next game" post it here i would love to hear more idea's about this!-[AFY]XAVIER
  5. id just like to say i love computers i build them program them and work with html now i love MTA and i would like to also say GREAT JOB! MTA team you guys are trully pioneers in your field i have so much respect for you guys keep up the good work. out of the last four years i have built computers for people freelance i make no money at all doing it sometimes i even loose money just to help people to have thier own computer that kicks ass out of all the sites i use this is the one i have started to come to more than any other i am here at least once a day i have started my own clan now even [A
  6. ok here is what you got to do FBI MASTER just simply shut the fuck up quit bitching and play there you go another question answered
  7. first off there is no command for !job in v3.10 i have tried to enter the command nothing happens
  8. ok i went through the clan rpg script search and pulled up alot of people asking the same question but i didnt find anything i still need the !job script and the map to work please help me
  9. ok i was in a server once when i had just got mta i saw the !job thing work and the map had locations on it as to where to go for the rpg i have my own rpg server now and i am looking to get these things please help me
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