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  1. Ive written a script for this in SA-MP. The emulation works quite well. It's also nice to put a few chutes inside the plane . . so you can bail out and own =)
  2. THE WINNER IS: [sS]RedSoxXx Gunny gets what I promised to the winner We'll the tournament was completed The following members were around, but were either idle or came in too late, and therefore did not participate: *TLR*Monk [KFC]XCrispy [sS]Braves [XE]Tommis >SoL [XE]eShef LoS_Nutter I hope to do a similar tournament with the participation of these players =) The following paticipated: [sS]ReDSoxXxx (aka [XE]Islander) ....... Final Score: 5 mirkinators (aka [KFC]dPnch3r) ........ Final Score: 5 {SS}-Mafias (aka {*MSA*}Mafia) ........ Final Score: 4
  3. EDIT: IF you don't know the SS private server pass, add me to MSN, or post you're email address.
  4. Good to have you in the match, Palster =p You'll own us all j/k
  5. Yes, so is the stubby glitch. But not the wall glitch =( Got that wright =D I'll be writing a lil custom program to compute who fights when, and to display the result. I'll make sure to post the results here z3rb1an
  6. Hey, I will be hosting an MTA: VC stubby tournament on the SS private server. ONLY the stubby is to be used in this tournament. The tournament will start next Sunday, November 12th, 8:00 PM -6 GMT. Here is a countdown for people in different time zones: http://www.timeanddate.com/counters/cus ... ec=0&p0=64 I encourage that only elite players participate; invited are all SS, XE, msf, TLR, FMJ, SOL, PCP, VCES, TTH, KFC, or anybody who is good with the stubby. In case there is any confusion, we will be fighting with this dude: And we will fight with this guy (although the bat and
  7. I am interested in your role playing theory. I am currently working on my clan, MSA (http://Mafiakings.com/), but would like to hear more about your plans. Add me to MSN, ghostij@yahoo.com
  8. Do you understand how MTA: VC works? If so, the question is, switch what over to what exactly? ~{MSA}Mafia
  9. And by that I meant for the MTA team to "hack" the San Andreas process to allow passengers in the jump jet; my intent wasnt to assert that I would write a hack for MTA itself lol =P
  10. Maybe this feature can be hacked in? I'm not much of a reverse engineer (although I try =D) -- so I couldnt say; that would be left up to the MTA team to elaborate on.
  11. Will we be able to have passengers in the jumbo jet in MTA: SA DM? If so . . How many? My only concern is that, if this feature is implimented, it will only further my already existing addiction to MTA ~eNathan 3.14
  12. Hmn, that would mean I could play low leven (n stil fun!) games like Twisted Metal What exatly would you need to do it? I already have two monitors. I am assuming you need a special vidio card, correct?
  13. Unless you modify the windows operating system But I fear that you would have to somehow modify the DLL's of the Operating System -- (probally the kernal) nearly imposible
  14. If you have two monitors, the right vidio card, and a certian sofware. If your really interested in it, google for "duel monitors". Most vidio cards are not capabile of running two mintors, and even then I am not sure if you can focus to one MTA:SA monitor, and focus to a second MTA:SA on another monitor. Thats all I know...And besides that, I think that DirectX only supports one controller input. Which I think is cheap, it restrics the resources of game developers.
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