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  1. i have heard of the other GTA online mods, and while the mp-vc mod sounds better than .5 (which to be honest is really bad with synching and puts me off), MTA is the original GTA online experience, and as such i will probably not be trying the other mods and i give my full support to MTA and Blue which sounds totally kickass.. MTA4L1F3
  2. LOL i know i answered it.. but just incase they had an idea of when it will be done.. ANYWAY.. dont rush it.. take your time.. and make it the most synched/closest to single player release of MTA you have ever made..
  3. Yeah definately blue from what i can tell. Now im about to ask the dreaded question all developers fear.. When about? From personal experience being the lead of a mapping team i know how much that question can piss you off, cause it obviously isnt complete, and the only real answer one could give is "its done when its done".. Maybe more of an estimation, based on how you have fared so far. a couple of months im reckoning at least anyway.
  4. I see.. So if one was to make thier own game mode for blue, would it be server side that would just instruct the client what to and not to display, or would the client be required to download the scripts etc that make the mode?
  5. One thing i have really enjoyed so far in SA is the turfwars in Los Santos, being able to seize and lose territory really made it fun as you fight to take over blocks and rule the ghetto's.. so i thought it would be really good if it could be implemented somehow to MTA as a game mode.. Example: Turfwars being a 3 team game mode in the los santos area.. 3 teams are: Grove families - green Ballas - Purple Vagos - yellow just like in SP each teams territories are coloured in the map as thier team colour. Each team starts with a starting area like MTA VC and a set load out which should be
  6. I am one of these people who are really set in thier ways, i dont like changing how i play FPS style games, or how i drive, im the type of person who has near enough the same keyboard layout in every FPS game, and driving game... BUT after a week of playing SA, i have adjusted... instead of using 2 hands for driving ive adjusted to using the mouse for the cam (and i fond it much better now), and im now used to right clicking to aim.. My only Gripe with right clicking and aiming now, is that when i try to move backwards in aiming mode CJ faces the cam instead of walking backwards.. this is a
  7. It would be much simpler than sprays, cause sprays send a whole image, while the customisation in this game will be based around the clothing that is already there.. so it would be a file a config a couple of KB that makes it real easy. Although talkin of sprays, customs clothing/body skins that upload like sprays do would be way nice.. (custom gang/clan skins that upload when you connect) but im talkin bout stuff thats probably too complicated and too fidely to implement.. im happy with whats there already. On the subject of seeing just CJ's, and this is just pure speculation.. perhaps the
  8. Jani also failed to mention he is running his game from a Liquid nitrogen cooled beast with 10 processors and a million gigabytes of ram I get a decent frame rate @ 1024x768x32 draw distance on about 5 and low graphics settings.. not as good as VC which can be expected as the models are slightly higher poly and the textures are higher res. and it cn get a lil choppy @ times.. with those settings on my comp it should run perfectly, so the engine could use a little tweaking probs..
  9. Right well looks like the guy who gave me this "Fix" just told me the alternate key for RMB.. I cant believe they have given us such a noob aiming system... not even thought about by the looks of things. The rockstar devs should at least give us the option of having a crosshair aiming system like VC and GTAIII, sure fine.. leave RMB aiming in so you can do the fancy crap like rolling around corners, but give us the option of aiming without it. Also i am not feeling the cam angle when driving its so annoying i dont want my mouse to steer, and i dont want it to move the cam angle, whats wrong
  10. Did you even play the game? There is no lock on in the crosshair view. No i havnt.. its called SPECULATION im going by what ive been told. Im saying what I DONT WANT, not WHAT IS in the game.
  11. Oh My.. God.. I thought the whole point in GTA games taking so long to port to the PC was so that the devs can not only graphically enhance, but create a comfortable control system, similar to what we use in our third/first person games. I dont want to learn to adjust, i shouldnt have to learn how to control a game on the pc thats controls were clearly designed for a PS2/Xbox controller... I dont want an auto lock on, i want to be able to aim for myself, i dont want to have to stand still to get a zoomed in crosshair to shoot accurately while i get pumped full of holes. Why scrap a system
  12. hmm nope sorry not me lol, im just a guy who loves his GTA If its possible anyway ill be way happy even if its not in from the start its always something that could be worked on in future releases, as you said "keeping it simple and working from there".
  13. Ive been a fan of GTA since the early days, and have followed MTA for quite some time, i really enjoyed MTA:VC, but since playing GTA:SA there is one thing i am worried wont make it into MTA for SA, and thats a versitile character customisation system. As all people who have played SA know, one of the central new features is the ability to mould the look of your character CJ, into YOUR version of CJ... Build, hair, clothes, bling, its all there and its just DYING to be put into a multiplayer version of the game Imagine joining a server of around 20 people with EVERYONE looking different. Thi
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