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  1. I've took it off startup cus it always interfears with my GTA, including vice. It'd either fuck nametags up, crash it, or not let it start up at all.
  2. So am I, but mine works fine.
  3. Ah ofcourse...dunno why I dint think of that cus i've had to do it alot before. Cheers jani
  4. Well mta's been working fine up until now, i dont know whats happened to it. It shows a black screen for about 2 seconds as if its working, then it closes, and I have the close the gta_sa.exe process myself. Whats going on?!? Only started doing this thismorning...
  5. Any Holes A Goal by Ratt To start the race off, you have to get through one of 7 holes with your vortex. Is extremely fun with another 20-30 people trying at the same time, but once you're through its downwards all the way! http://center.mtasa.com/?p=race&r=194 The Sex Pit by Ratt Throw yourself into a pit if you dare. The aim is to get through the hole at the bottom of the pit but it can be tricky with 30 other cars trying at the same time. Hilarious! Is a favourite map on whiteys smile http://center.mtasa.com/?p=race&r=193
  6. Just bought a domain for Rumble, Should be http://www.gtarumble.co.uk once its up and running.
  7. Just made a video of it showing its basic features so far and some of the fun you can have with it already. Its hosted on a naff site but was the only thing I could find that would hold it. (Cheers Bro ) http://rapidshare.de/files/8634686/gta_ ... o.zip.html Click FREE and then scroll to the bottom. Let me know what ya think
  8. MTA:SA, you'd know if you looked at the MTA:SA site.
  9. Why do you think its called 'history' lol
  10. aahh ok that explains it. was their test version anyway.
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