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  1. Well excuse you HelpMTA But I was trying to have a talk about the clan. I had to get everyone out somehow without having to password my server. So we went to their server. And I was mixed up. God4u You need to be banned. [TsS]Loony,[TsS]!3lade, and [TsS]BuTcHeR have left us because of {SB}Killer. Thanks alot {SB}Killer.
  2. I have decided to create my new clan. It shall be HACKER free. And whoever says that I hack then that's just their opinion. I will need 3 head administrators and some members if I want this clan. [TsS] stands for "The Smart Shooters". Below are a list of members ---------------------------------- -=- Owner -=- 1) [TsS]Billy -=- Head Administrators -=-[/u] 1) [TsS]Jason 2) [TsS]Stimpy 3) [TsS]OGLoc -=- Members -=- 1) [TsS]Animer 2) None 3) None 4) None -=- Script Runners -=- 1) [TsS]Jason 2) None ---
  3. {VCL}Billy

    {VCL} Closed!

    {VCL} Has been now closed down by me. As I do not play MTA. I might start back up if I can get my GTA:VC Install disc. I know that I am known as a hacker but I have changed. You will find the new clan that I will be making as I have been thinking of it for quite a while.
  4. Well there is another way... When you launch the client there could be a server-wided thing that checks if you have the same size and files as the server. If not then they update automatically.
  5. (I'm new to this whole encrypting and decrypting thing so please explain.)
  6. Point? Maybe i've gone to the good side.
  7. If you encrypt the MTAD.scm file and/or all of the other files except for the basic running files for MTAClient.exe. I have found this out with another game and it sure did stop almost all of the hackers. Only the smartest hackers will be able to decrypt the files. I realize that these are already encrypted. YOU NEED TO ADD MORE SECURITY. Or make an auto-update for the files so that you can't create a bypass. Like when you open mtaclient.exe and if the files aren't matched with the server then they aren't able to play. I hope you do this! I HATE HACKERS!!!!
  9. Sorry for the double post! Well, to be honest, neither are you for opening this 'desktop hijacker'. Also, he's not a hacker; he sent you a file that he downloaded, and you were stupid enough to open it. Nice try, but no, I didnt open anything at all. I'm not an idiot k? I was ingame(SA:PC) testing out a mod I made, and I IM'd him, to tell him, and thats when it happened, he didnt send me a file, I always knew he was a hacker, so I never accepted any files from him, and windows never asked me if I wanted to install or dl anything. I guess reporting to the feds is a silly idea, but theres o
  10. This is a LIE and I have not been on MTA for at least 2 or 3 months, I just was told that everyone known about me and I was like wtf is he talking about? This is a FAKE thread and giving out an IP is NOT ALLOWED. Please ignore anything that this incompitent (parden my langauge) jerkweed says. He is a TRUE moron and does not know ANYTHING. [EDIT] Leno, My ISP would've BANNED me if they knew something was going on. They can trace everything. [EDIT 2] TheDude you HACK alot more then I used too. I do NOT hack ANYMORE. I have even delted MTA. So go suck a thumbtack please. [EDIT 3] Fishbulb I wa
  11. *giggle* nice... yep i'm back
  12. Yes, i'm having some trouble too Oli. I am experienced at this... it ends in a CRC Malfunction. Take out the CRC check.
  13. Maybe you should make over the dodo and make it so it isn't clipped. That way, more people can fly it.
  14. Diaz is NOT the owner. Cobra AND Diaz are the owners. I have talked to Cobra and he has told me many things. Also, they banned me for saying that acting like real people is cool. BUT I started killing people (like real people do) and they BANNED me. Anyways... Good Luck. ( My new list of members in VCL will be posted when I can get the clan all fixed up and with a website) ~{VCL}Billy
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