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  1. How about the people who are against it try the best to prevent it from happening by hitting the other planes if you feel that strongly about those precious vectors wrapped in an image that is present in our game.
  2. Please get someone to re-do the pixel flame from the flamethrower Other than that it is looking pretty cool
  3. robbiemcm


    Jebus.. Just get MTAmA and on signal startrace get $ticks and set var %finished 0 and if % [ $+ [ mapname ] ].record == $null set % [ $+ [ mapname ] ].record 0, then on signal finish get $ticks again if %finished == 0 and then set %finished 1. The second time take the first time gives you the finish time. If this finish time < % [ $+ [ mapname ] ].record or % [ $+ [ mapname ] ].record == 0 set % [ $+ [ mapname ] ].record to the finish time.
  4. robbiemcm

    race record script

    Well, I'm just running it on my home internet connection, and only when I load it up.. so it's not even a dedicated server. Oh, and living in the most isolated capital city in the world doesn't help me get people in. And resetting the stats to test the script. So overall it makes perfect sense that I don't have many, but I do think the automatic web page generation is cool.
  5. robbiemcm

    race record script

    It's not a particularly hard script to make, I'd release it but it's sort of cluttered around lots of other things at the moment. I also made it generate a webpage with the stats: Try to view that page in firefox, otherwise it will look rather ugly. It also looks better when it's populated with more stats, but I had to reset the stats to test something.
  6. I think as long as it has player -> admin /msg I will be happy.. it will really come in handy with MTA:mA for player login scripts.
  7. robbiemcm

    why noobs suck

    Those sites suck, they disable right click so I couldn't use mouse gestures to close the tab.
  8. I've set up a Racing League server that logs and then updates statistics of wins/deaths/maps to a web server allowing the peopel with most wins and such to be viewed on a ladder on a website. Server is in Australia hosted on a home connection so this basically means you'll get a bad ping if you're not in Australia, it won't cope with many players.. and worst of all it will only be on when I turn it on. Maybe I can come to some agreement with the owner of a good server to get this up properly, it uses MTA:mA and an example output can be seen here:
  9. ... 120 I play on littlewhitey's server with a ping of 300+ most of the time, it's not too bad in MTA, I can still win a fair share of races. It's far harded in a game of say Jedi Academy where the high ping makes it near impossible to dodge a quick saber swing. I expect I will find it harder later on with DM.
  10. Surely it would be possible to just sync police in then for servers with a low player count (make the server have a maximum player number of 2 or 3). That way it'd be like normal SA without peds and other useless things like planes flying over head. I know this could be alot of work, but it is just a suggestion.
  11. Does the MTA team program in C or C++? Why do they choose to do so in that particular one? Will I need to know one of them to use the SDK to make my own mods?
  12. So do you think peds could easily work if it was like 2 players over a nice fast LAN connection?
  13. It'd be better if someone used the SDK so that if there were 16 racers, evenly split to each clan/team, whoever comes first gets 16 points, second 15 points and so on to the last position where 1 point is awarded. Totalled up for each clan/team, the one with the most points wins.
  14. Why don't some of the others that have been testing it tell us what they think of it, or is that strictly forbidden for those involved in the RC testing..
  15. I plan to use MTA on LAN when it comes out as I can never get a decent ping on any game anyway, plus I enjoy owning the server and trying out different things on it. The question I have is will I have to own two versions of the game and have them installed on both computers in order to play, or will I be able to play one with a No-CD. The Anti-Cheat system will surely mean I can't use the No-CD, so basically the only ways round I can see are if there is a way to disabled the Anti-Cheat system - which will work even better for LAN because I'd like to be able to spawn vehicles and all that. The other way would be if I can find a way to use some program to emulate the CD so that it gets past their weird protection. I understand some of you may start screaming warez at me, so just in case don't give any links to programs that can do so, I just want to know more about whether MTA will let me do so and if this is possible. Thanks for any help you can give me, Robbie