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  1. ]-[ippy

    .map to .ipl

    Does anyone else know of any good converters?
  2. ]-[ippy

    .map to .ipl

    There is no .map to .IPL conversion with that coverter either. Creating a new format similar to IPL's is also impossible as there are no tags to state the real model name from the ID.
  3. ]-[ippy

    .map to .ipl

    Well, I've been searching around everywhere to try and find a decent converter, but could only eventually find a non-working version of a map converter and the Delux one. But delux's .map to .ipl does not have model names or rotations. Is there any other converters out there that work with the newest MTA? Or at least one of the MTA SA versions?
  4. This looks nice, maybe you can have an EDF where you can place bot spawnpoints and in their properties, you can set their skin, team ( Which will have the default team colour ), name and so on. Justnow, I think you have to script bots into maps and since I don't have a clue on much scripting, it might be a bit hard for me to script bots into a load of maps. Anyways, it looks good so far, keep up the good work.
  5. Any download links for this bot script coming soon?
  6. On some other server with this mod ( Modded version of your mod ) they have made the zombies die normal like peds in singleplayer, you can shoot them down edges and blow them away, ect Any clues on how they did this? Or is it because i'm not the "host" of the server and i'm a normal player? ( Lag, desync, ect )
  7. Not really, I found out in the end it was just some missing file that I did not copy over. Oh and before I forget, I don't know if this is a bug or not, but why is when you kill zombies, they fall exactly where they are standing. This looks really stupid and is annoying as I like to shoot peds down edges and off roofs, but If they are falling in mid air and you kill them, they will freeze in their location of when they died and are stuck in a falling animation. This is really unrealistic and I was wondering if this "bug" is a feature or not and if I could toggle it on or off.
  8. Zombies don't spawn randomly around the map, but the setting in the zombie_server.lua has AllowRandSpawn to true. Whats going on? Is this a bug? can you help? EDIT : I've got it working now
  9. Im not using the host game option anymore, Im using the MTA Server.exe to run my server now. ( I checked the server manual and put all the settings to what they need to be. ) Not a hope in hell im paying money to keep a game server up, I've got better things to spend hard earned cash on. My server still shows up in LAN, how long does it take to register to game monitor?
  10. I've got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that I have got my server to show up on the Lan section, bad news being I don't want it on the Lan section. I Need it on the internet section. ( Or is it only players that can see my server in the internet section? ) Could you give me any more help? I Forwarded the ports like you said. But it shows up on the LAN section.
  11. Hmm, I've just had a thought, does it matter what country your from? Do players still see your server if your from somewhere far away?
  12. Hi, Just joined the forums, Im hoping I posted this in the right section. Anyways. I have currently got my non dedicated server to work, trouble is, no one joins. I can't see my server in the internet tab. Im also kind of new to this "port forwarding" stuff so im not sure if my firewall is blocking something important. It would help if someone could tell me what ports need opened. Thanks in advice - ]-[ippy
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