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  1. is there a progam that lets you redo san andreas bones or move them around becuz its so hard to try and make skins becuz of the way cj's bones r on his ugly face
  2. when u get in as a passenger will you be able to aim and shoot like on the ps2 multi player?will drive bys even be synced?
  3. as long as i get to play as the kurt kobain look alike im good
  4. ok its me and some other [CK] members and we were trying to take over the bank all was well till [KFC]XCrispY came and burnt all of us with a flamethrower then he jus camped there and he kept burning us then all of a sudden [KFC]XCrispY: !BAN [CK] "[CK]Slipknot is banned by admin "[KFC]XCrispY": No Reason Disconnected: You are banned AND IT WAS THE PARTYSERVER!!! is there any way to unban myself to go pwn his b*tch a$$?
  5. can someone up the phil robber skin so i can use it in single player and plus i wanna paint jis clothes all orange and put a slipknot logo on the back and a [CK] tag on his front of his shirt
  6. well we'll fight yo for it
  7. Leader: [CK] Dayamzta Territory: Club Malibu, Vercetti Estate, Sunshine Autos Members : [CK] Bank$, [CK] Slipknot , [CK] XxSparkyxX, Pablo, Evo, PopWarGuitar ( I think get in contact with [CK] Dayamzta if you want to be recruited i cant recruit in just in charge of getting us known on the forums
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