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  1. what version of lua, i want to script my roleplay server and i need the same version, what is the version?
  2. not serverffs is to much $$, a cheap hosting for mta please.
  3. when dou you put the download ?
  4. please anyone wants join?, i give you a posibility to administrate a dedicated server.
  5. no, i mean i have bought a samp server, but i wanna change to mta, because had more possibilitys..
  6. hello, i wanna start my rp server, i allready buy a host with 200 slots, i need good lua coders, if you wanna join only pm'me or write int this topic, all coders have acces to the host
  7. Im really newbie, and i wanna to start my server, how to setup game mode and everything, please
  8. it says all time in red **Sync Trouble**, later when i come to the tutorial it crashes. Jemand deutsch?
  9. hehe, sorry, i have learn to much languages, german, spanish, catalan, english, franch. MMM, From 0, i need 8 years to do it, 7 years to learn lua, and 1 to do it
  10. i cant, i want so to try out this server, please help me
  11. and where can i find the first roleplay base? i need it
  12. wow, this a nice reasons to change to mt , and, where can i get start, are there any game mode of roleplay where i can modify it?
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