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  1. My new video, editing by me and Nitzkit Hi Res: http://www.thegamersalliance.com/?do=dynamic&id=2372 Low Res: http://files.filefront.com/One_of__a_Kind/;4061878;;/fileinfo.html TGA Is down at the moment so use the low res link, the low res render hasnt lost much quality and its 70 mbs smaller so i would suggest downloading low res.
  2. http://www.thegamersalliance.com/?do=dy ... le=XXL.rar Download Now! :D
  3. I suck at editing so i wont be able to do that and as for the run ups i like to show people how the stunt is done rather then show them the stunt is itself thanks so far
  4. <_< >_> O this makes me feel so good, complete waste of time ;_;
  5. Someone probably used a trojan dropper and dropped the trojan in your pc when one of your ports was left open (i.e. mta port) Wasn't caused by an uninstaller. Probably best to just go more careful
  6. Where is 0.5.1 Theres no more error reports because its meant to be released soon, and this page http://mtavc.com/mta05/051.htm was released months ago. "we hope to release within a few weeks" If they did release it and it was what it promised, mta would've got alot more players, people who've always played and new people hearing about how good mta is rather then hearing about how many times it crashs.
  7. When im not so lazy ill convert some more screenys and post them here. Btw check out my stunt video
  8. Great vid and i already said at gtastunting just want to tell people to get of there damn asses and register at TGA If you watch stunt videos you might aswell One of the best sites im registered at
  9. http://files.filefront.com/Hostility_Re ... einfo.html Includes a 93 foot bsm at 1:57 (Highest one known so far) Enjoy
  10. grow the f**k up m8. I use to like you but ive never met someone as stupid as you. I dont know what your problem is. Its only a crew nu773r said you can have the crew yet your dumbass continues the arguement. Go ahead and unblock me on msn to find you've been blocked. I dont wanna hear or read anything coming from you again in my life. So stop being gay and just accept ive proved your dumbass wrong. I would post the fucking mta chat logs from when it was first created but those would be fake to cause it proves that you and nu773r made the crew equally.
  11. God your immature, I posted a chat log (i made it up apparntly) I posted a screenshot of msn convo (lying again) Why should i even bother proving that you added me to msn.
  12. Get a life dude, its some crappy clan and stop unblocking me on msn telling me what to say.
  13. rofl *takes screen shot of msn window* http://img96.echo.cx/my.php?image=lol4ju.jpg Wheres the proof? Even if that was real, theres nothing there that proves nu773r/lazlo is the leader. Your a fucking idiot, i never said he was the leader i said im not sure who fucking created it. You dont deserve to run the crew if you cant work as a team.
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