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  1. I just tried to make a server for only 3 maps so removed all the others and when I join the first map Destruction Derby i just get the car flying in the sky and it stands there so tried other maps which actually worked but looks like im not registered as a live player since when i drive trhough the checkpoints nothing happensl and usually kick me after 30 sec or so. Port used is the default one for server. Windows firewall is letting the server through as is my router. Right now I see people playing on it but when I try to join its all stationary for me.
  2. Hux

    Banned for no reason

    I'm banned also. Dont even think i joined the server before so tough its a non UK IP ban. Who cares.
  3. Hux

    MTA is out of sync?

    lol Mr.Bump. I just seen that you also admin on jolt.co.uk but its very silent there now The server I was talking about is actually a jolt.co.uk
  4. Hux

    MTA is out of sync?

    I read what blue promises like singleplayer smooth experience. We will see said the blind
  5. Hux

    MTA is out of sync?

    lol good joke. Hope it was a joke.
  6. Hux

    MTA is out of sync?

    Could you maybe advise and comment the recorded movie?
  7. Hux

    MTA is out of sync?

    Here I made a small clip from spectator how it looks like for me. http://freeweb.siol.net/denisbr5/gta.avi From this server with low pings 40. At the time of recoring 12 players were on and I was getting 8kB/s incoming traffic. Note the jerki camera recording and its extremely visible how the 2 sailors move. We have all low pings.
  8. Hux

    MTA is out of sync?

    So what can it be then? It just doesnt like ADSL? With jumpy I meant is it as smooth as singleplayer?
  9. Hux

    MTA is out of sync?

    Lol ok but You can be assured that I tried to hit in the hearth before I came to here and its still bollox. Ping to server is 40 and I cant hit shit not even if they have 40 or less. How should the player movement be visible at all? Fully smooth or does it jump like it would hypersomething lol. So basically its unplayable. Running 1.0 verzion.
  10. I'm new to this as you may have noticed and I read another topic about this problem where you can hardly hit someone but others hit you all the time. My problem is this. I cant hit 99% nothing. My computer is AMD 3500+, 6600GT, 1Gig memory so it runs GTA smooth in 1280*1024. I even have to use the FPS lock in the game to play this game at all or the textures and buildings dont respawn fast enough. Anyway I was testing with a guy on a empty 100mbit server with low pings. He had around 20 and me around 50. I wasnt able to hit him when he was standing still. I shoot right and left from him lik
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