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  1. right, and how do i check my video card's specs?
  2. xspudx


    my internet speed is 10.0Mbps i pay £25 for ntl broadband, i have turned down graphics and everything but nothing, nada, zilch, still lagging
  3. i have been using mta for about a month now, but this last week or two, my game has gone really laggy, everytime i play and kill someone they say, 'you pause' or 'you lag' but when i check it and type !ping, it says my ping is average, usually 50, i cannot figure this problem out because there are no other problems occuring, and the game seems fine for me until i run into an enemy.
  4. xspudx


    i cannot play mta without lag, its just so laggy, everyone says your lagging too much and i don't know why, my computer is fine Here are its specs Pentium® 4 CPU 1.60GHz 1.60GHz, 256 MB of RAM Now what the hell is going wrong?
  5. i don't know where i'm supposed to install it
  6. i don't have a clue how to create a server everytime i try it says unable to find socket, or keeps timing out, what do i do to use the server because i dont have a clue
  7. everytime i try to create a game, it comes up, unable to find socket, what the hell am i doing wrong and what should i put the port on? i dont get it
  8. MTA Server for mta 0.5 Error: The configuration file could not be loaded how do i fix this? and why the hell won't this just work for me!! GRRR
  9. i'm not understanding, what do i put in the i.p. box? my i.p.? and where can i find out my i.p.
  10. xspudx

    noob question

    help! i am trying to join the game but it wont connect, will someone help me here
  11. xspudx

    noob question

    hi, everytime i try to start a server it says 'server or port invalid' or something...well what do i do to get it work? and how do i check if my port is right because i don't have a clue, help me plz
  12. is this any good? im buyin gta 3 on pc soon and im considering downloading it, can somebody tell me what its like and how it plays like?
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