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  1. solved alrdy, thx just fails , it needs to open a chat, like normal, but then with name: occ: any got an idea?
  2. when the resource stats, the player(s), has to get the bind key, (A)
  3. heey guys, Ugh I feel so a shame right now , I forgot how to bind keys! addEventHandler ( "onResourceStart", root, function ( ) bindKey (thePlayer, "o", "down", publicChat) end ) Whats wrong
  4. m4rsje

    Gui problem

    so you think, ill have to create a grid list, make colums and let them be written there?
  5. I dont know, what you mean ? And 50p i dont found onGamemodeStart in the Wiki... open your meta.xml Something like this is there: Change it
  6. m4rsje

    Gui problem

    hey hey guys, Im new to gui shizzle and im making a character system, whats the best to do, ive created a window (yeahh im far ) and i now need a small box, where the character names are going to be standing, what box thing can i use as best? thx,
  7. Idk but it was wrong in my meta There is a type: gamemode or something like that shizzle or name = hdfkjghdfg Change it there and see what happens
  8. tip, i have learned lua, from reading scripts, and rewriting them, in a other way, or just read it 5 times, and then try to make it yourself, without the other 1;) keep trying, dont give up, and you will become a master of lua
  9. m4rsje

    Police Script!

    sounds hard, but its true, if you dont learn it, you keep asking and you wont ever get further, learn lua and then post your problems here
  10. lol its not hard watch and learn local root = getRootElement() addEventHandler("onPlayerWasted", root, function () skin = getElementModel (source) -- gets the skin of the player setTimer (spawnPlayer, 5000, 1, source, -317.66, 1061.31, 21.74, 0, skin) -- spawns the player in 5 seconds, at -317.66, 1061.31, 21.74 with a rotation from 0 (it has to be filled else it wont work 0 is working fine ) with the skin they had. end ) enjoy it
  11. m4rsje


    thats not posible, then they wont be able to play any other server. so keep it in a client/server script
  12. but its still sticky, and on time.. daKillar2000, stop for a 1 minute and think.. why somebody would spend a lot of hours for doing free job for someone else? huh? it may sound crazy but im bored, so tell me dakillar, add me on msn and ill see what i can do mars.sea@live.nl
  13. EOF == End Of File?? hmmm what about if you got 20 lines and he says, he expectend a end at eof line 6? EOF = End Of Function
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