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  1. I second this, fixed the issue for Lenny x64 as well. (apt-get install lib32ncursesw5) Bumping just so everyone can see that this is an actual working fix. Thank you!
  2. That's great news, I'm really glad that MTA won it as you guys really deserve it, nevertheless hopefully this attracts even more players. Well done, keep up the great work people Oh and needless to say, I did vote! <3
  3. After being rather inactive/dead, it's finally time for HoT to be back! For you that don't know what happened, I'll briefly summarise the situation: HoT has gone inactive after the great leader of HoT (Bumer as you all know) went inactive and put me in charge, at first I thought it was a joke and I didn't take it too seriously, then I failed to lead the clan to success because I was too lazy, therefore clan has gone more and more inactive and eventually it died out, not everyone left.. but unfortunately Tomachawek did, while being one of the leaders. Anyhow, few weeks ago I have started dis
  4. As long as they're still updating daily it's great. Considering SH1T-MP was updated early back when I still played that crap
  5. Thank you, I got it working finally. you apt-get install ia32-libs
  6. First you make a .sh script called mtawatch.sh (or whatever you like) nano mtawatch.sh then paste the code in there #!/bin/sh mta="/home/mtaserver/" process=`ps uxw | grep mta-server | grep -v grep | awk '{print $11}'` if [ -z "$process" ]; then echo "Couldn't find MTA running, restarting it." cd "$mta" screen -A -m -d -S mta ./mta-server echo "Server Started" fi Edit it to your directories and stuff.. Then on the user your running mta server as, type crontab -e In a new line, put this code * * * * * /home/scripts/mtawatch.sh Again, ch
  7. the only challenge in MTA was Bpb, unfortunately we're really really inactive now and cant play more wars
  8. Strika

    LA Conference?

    Aaah, I get it! It's funny because it's true! You bet!
  9. LOL, talking about support, ffs is useless. They're services are good though, they don't oversell.
  10. Strika

    LA Conference?

    Watch out, it may be Kye wanting to assassinate someone! He'd pay any price I guess, heh. Anyways, jk, and yea.. how did this work out?
  11. Strika

    MTA for GTA IV

    Doesn't look like it was very active o.0
  12. You can browse internet in ME.
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