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  1. I'd like to suggest synched map editing that gives you the opportunity to create maps with friends, etc. I'm pretty sure that you've already done this/you're working on this though.. ^^
  2. Now you're just going to confuse the fellow..
  3. kaboom

    MTA:MA Scripting

    on *:SIGNAL:mta.command: { if ($3 == !f) { mta.freeze $! $2 } if ($3 == !u) { mta.unfreeze $! $2 } } Thank you! Just changed the ! in $! to 1.
  4. kaboom

    MTA:MA Scripting

    Could anyone make a Freezing script for me? (MTA: SA) A script that lets everyone (Not just admins) freeze themselves with a simple command.. Like !f.. Much Appritiated..
  5. Nevermind, I just found out how to do it.
  6. Just downloaded MTA: MA (The version that's compatible with SA) but I have a problem.. I don't know how to load scripts.. Could you help me please?
  7. kaboom

    MTA: MA For SA?

    Can anyone give me a simple Freezing script? Just as a sample, that is? Thanks.
  8. Hey.. I'd like to ask you mods/admins to make a poll regarding the subject of this topic. Thanks.
  9. Well the server is released.. So I say today..
  10. No it isn't. Once a 'race' is in progress any joining players have to wait until the next one begins before they can participate. I didn't realise you were doing some of the coding now. Anyway as I said elsewhere, there is no point adding this for the first release at this late stage. It was obviously a mistake, an oversight that didn't occur to anybody, and one that can be rectified in one of the many promised small releases/patches that have been promised to follow the initial release. I just hope it is hovvering near the top of 'Blokkers list'. Well my Semi-Retired friend, I think tha
  11. It seems to take some more time.. =/ I guess it won't be released this weekend.. :<
  12. Do you read the blog? "We're getting really close now guys. We just released RC3 to the semi-public QA team. If this goes well, this will be the version we release to the public. Initial reports seem to indicate that everything is going great, and it sounds like everyone is having a blast." And the RC3 test seemed to go superb.. Give me another reason?
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