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  1. movie maker is aiight to use but i like using power director by cyberlink.. Its pretty good, thnx for the good commence, much apriciated Jono
  2. Yeh iwrtoe that caz since my last name is "laing" every one seems to think im asian. So yeh had to say it..
  3. Yeh it is lol, but then all u get when u go killing ppl there is a "bloody DMers" lol well dam u RPGers lol Then u normaly get a temp ban i cry
  4. so what is it only going to be released when its 100% perfect?
  5. Im sorry if this has been asked billions of times but i have been away for a while and havnt kept up to date with the blogs and forums. I was just wondering if you guys (MTA Team) have any idea on how long it will take you to release a Death Match mode after you have released MTA SA stunt. Im just dieing to know thnx alot Good Luck MTA Regards Jono
  6. Did any one take a look at my other video's?? There all on the same site http://www.osd-online.co.nr Cheers Jono
  7. Thnx man, and to every 1 else for the great feed back! If some how your video editor finds somthing else to do, id be happy to make clips for MTA The song is : Ghetto(remix) by:Akon feat 2puc and biggie Regards Jono
  8. Hey Guys, I got bored on the weekend so i decided to make a Trailer for MTA. Its not real footage of MTA:SA but its just somthing I made for fun while under the influence of alcohol . Please take the time to have a look, I put some time into. Heres the link : (link has cxhanged) http://osd_online.freespaces.com/v6.html Regards Jono
  9. Hi guys, Ok we all no that the "hot coffie" mod was hidden in some code somwhere. And we also all no that there is no co-op mod for the pc virsion of San Andreas. What im wondering is if Rockstar has fully removed the co-op mode for pc or if they have done the same thing they did with the hot coffie mod and just left it in the code but not working. Because if it is still in their, (this is just purely my thought) then it mayb helpful to the MTA team for building apon there mod. Like i said be4, im not totaly sure of this, just curious http://www.tekcities.com/osd_online/Home.html NiTx
  10. Pretty cool how MTA is on one of the most visited sites in the world aye? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multi_Theft_Auto Nice on MTA
  11. Hello, Nice to see MTASA is going really well with the developing. How ever i was wondering, if u by now know weither u will have all the cities of SA joined on 1 server or not. Sorry if im not supposed to post this here or if people are always asking this but im not up to date with the forums... Go hard MTA Team and good luck NiTx
  12. lol nice to c u mta guys havn a good sense of humor.... i still can;t believe u guys idnt accept me for helping u guys with video editing.... hmm i cry
  13. Great updates One question. Does the MTA team think MTASA wil be released in the 2nd month atfer release or will it be on the third or even longer? Just curious
  14. ay 4 real? how u know him. He's my step brother he's half leader of OSD
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