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  1. Goddamit but i want old buggy Mta 0.5
  2. and what do u mean by that ?
  3. i feel so much like playing this old classic MTA 0.5 VC been searchin and searching for a server but nothing.. is there even 1 server with even a few people ? or is MTA VC completly dead ?
  4. Okay so when i start MTA after the splash screen its gonna open the game and i get a black screen and then i hear a "thunn" sound of a error window poping up behind the black screen and evertyhing returns to the desktop, Help ? ._. Tired ALOT of solutions like Coreconfig Compability mode Delete the file in my documents downgrade Firewall stuff Changing resolution, gfx setups DirectX upgraded gfx cards drivers updated HELP ? O_O
  5. BUMP!! Omg MTA Support Team help mee!!! :( Tested to change the Windows Firewall so it wont block Mta, still Same problem! HELP MEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Okay tested with 3 Other Cracks = Same error I neeed help .___.
  7. Well didnt have anything to doo with NOD32 aka best anitvirus program Anyone whos game DOES work, and usin No Cd Crack...Could u please Give that to me ?
  8. Okay downloaded/installed Mta and the splash screen appears and i get a black screen and i hear the sound of a error window popping up and then i get back to windows but the error window gone by then... Ive used SA-MP on same GTA so i re-installed it, but nothing. Deleted The File in My Documets> GTA san andreas user files, didnt work Changed The compibilty to windows 98 xP didnt work, Tested to downgrade The SA but it was allredy v 1.0 Im Runnin on a Windows Xp Media Center Edition, Service pack 2 The game is "allmost" legal...maybe my crack is the thing getting everything fcked up
  9. Got The Same problem... tried everything but no result after splash screen i get a black screen and i can hear a error window pop up..but gone when it gets back to windows.. Usein Windows Xp Media Center Edition
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