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    Metal fans

    Personally I can't stand metal. However, if I had no choice but to listen to that or some chavy British hip-hop wannabe gangster stuff, I would pick metal. Just saying..
  2. They are all deluded and out of touch with the real world.
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    I'm down for this!
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    It might not be your hardware that is causing you these problems but the services you have on your computer. If you have Windows installed there are always things running in the background that you don't need. You can obviously close these unnecessary things through the task manager. You could also lower your graphic settings too. Some people, like myself in the past, have had to close any anti-virus programs temporary because of the amount of power it was taking. But then again I did have Norton installed and that sums it up really..
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    There are too many women in the world to be sitting at home changing your gamerscore to impress other strangers. Come on, kid.
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    Well if we came up with a plan maybe we could get something set-up in a few months and build hype for a possible event.
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    I'm talking about just a dedicated server or if someone could host one. I can't remember who were the hosts for the event that we did last year but maybe we could get in touch with them. I'm surprised that this topic hasn't caught the attention I was hoping for. It just goes to show how much time has changed!
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    EURO 2012

    Well the squads for each nation gets announced in 2-3 weeks.
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    EURO 2012

    You really do have a fascination for him don't you..
  10. zerb

    EURO 2012

    I might put £50 on Mario Gomez (Germany) to be top goalscorer at 7/1.. YEAH BUDDY!
  11. The title says it all really but could it be possible? I remember when Towncivilian released the first major update that we had a full server with plenty of vets around. The server was only up for about 2 hours but it was quality seeing some of the old clan tags being involved such as =ULK=, FMJ, one or two KFC's and others. I remember me and lil_Toady pretty much killing everybody that came close to Cherry Poppers (slightly bigheaded, I know). I had a few screenshot saved on my old machine but the hard drive is buggered otherwise I would have posted a few pictures. The question is could it be possible to have another similar reunion? I'm sure publishing a message on the homepage wouldn't do no harm and we could build a hype around the event - maybe organize a weekend scheme? Get the news out. A step back in time moment so to say. We could set up a 3-4 dedicated servers for example and try and lure a crowd. I'm sure some of the new guys in the SA era might want to drop back and see how MTA really started. I wouldn't want such an event to speculate a future release but more or less create a reminder and remember that if it wasn't for the moments in Liberty or Vice - MTA today might have never existed.
  12. You might find some useful things here.. viewforum.php?f=136
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    Moved to appropriate section. Whilst I have no idea what you are saying, if you do have an issue with a specific server then you need to contact their forums instead of here.
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    The thing with this kid is that the media have exposed him so much that people began to hate him then actually recognise him for his talent. If you have seen the clips before he was famous, he was very gifted playing on the guitar and other instruments. I got quite irritated with seeing him shoved down our throats on every commerical, chat show and newspaper article.Though he is milking every penny possible and I don't blame him because I would do exactly the same.
  15. Even that last screenshot brings back many memories! God I miss that ASE shortcut.
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    EURO 2012

    Whose gunna win? Clearly not my country because we are F**KIN S**T. Oh, and banned anyway.
  17. zerb

    The Sky Is...

    If Jesus rose from the dead, so will this one day!
  18. Many congratulations guys! I think many of us vets remember the days when we could only dream of achieving 10-15 players per server. Now it is astonishing to see so many records being broke. Servers like yours are a credit to this community - lets hope many more follow and continue to make us bigger day by day.
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    How to test maps?

    The wiki might provide some support for you - simply refer to the "Map Editor" section.
  20. I have no clue where it is though, I haven't touched it in years!
  21. A. No. Q. Should we ride on Kim Kardashian?
  22. If you were interested in doing this then I would say PM one of the MTA devs on this forum. Another idea would be to drop by a message on the IRC channel and someone will respond.
  23. Worms is such a classic game - brings back memories when I had it on the PS1! Nice to see it stroll into MTA!
  24. A. You never gave an answer! Q. Wanna ride?