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    10,000 posts

    Spielberg +2.
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    hey guys

    As much as I hate animal abuse it will always happen somewhere in the world, though that doesn't mean people can't enforce new rules to be made to limit the number of abuse that happens. The media in my country seem to call people who purposely burn animal testing buildings to the ground as terrorists - I actually love what they do.
  3. Some of those guys still hang around on IRC. Ah, [FMJ]Paradox = Legend.
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    I was thinking maybe we could promote something around the eventual release of Project Redivivus, SugarD-x?
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    10,000 posts

    Bring back JonChappell!
  6. I couldn't agree more because the same goes for my 50p one from ASDA. Yeah, 50p.. I brought one from octigen, a wireless one, a few months ago and it is possible the worst keyboard I have ever used. £20 wasted down the drain.
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    EURO 2012

    Italy got raped even though Spain were pretty average in the final!
  8. Good lad, Yeah that was it.
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    MTA:SA 1.4

    Reminds me of the infamous 0.3/3.5 progress bar on the old MTA website which was stuck at the same percentage for 2 years or so. Anyone got a screenshot?
  10. Some Vice City zombie mode thing back in 2005 or somepoint. Whatever genius created it deserves a medal. Beats anything SA delivered.
  11. No idea what point you are trying to make.
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    EURO 2012

    Balotelli's second goal against Germany was pure class!
  13. Back in the day GTAGaming.com had some pretty decent mods available.
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    Critical Issues

    I wouldn't go as far as uninstalling the graphics card but perhaps just downloading the latest ATI drivers and see if anything improves.
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    EURO 2012

    So we are down to the QF's! Dark horses have to be Portugal now. Ronaldo ran the show the other night. Greece? You can't question their spirit but Germany are too good.
  16. Report it to us moderators as we are more likely to help than the admin's - simply because we are more active.
  17. Vice City Stories was a quality game on the PS2, It was the last real good game on the old console. I never knew why R* didn't release it for the PC.
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    Nyan MTA

    My life is complete now that I have seen this.
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    So where are we actually going with this? Are we going to form a little group or something? I appreciate all the comments (I thought this would be a dead topic).
  20. zerb

    EURO 2012

    Lewandowski is a beast!
  21. The rate at which technology is developing, laptops will start to be pushed aside in favor for these new tablets such as the iPad in the years to come. SA will be fine with that laptop.
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    That would be brilliant if you knew someone. Give the guy a medal.
  23. Give this a try - viewtopic.php?f=104&t=31668 In future please don't post the same topic multiple times over the forum.
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    I hope the Argonath RPG event goes well. I've only just noticed the date so if I got time I will pop in later. I never knew this was taking place until you mentioned it SugarD-x. This is why we need to make something official - build a hype in the community. I know I 'm a moderator on this forum but I doubt it would take much to get one of the guys or even myself to create a post about this on the homepage. I can contribute a lot to this if there is interest. Money is not issue to me. If we need a server, I will just purchase one if this was ever going to happen. Unless you guys know people who already have one. If anyone can help get this started, we can plan this properly, I could find some time to get on IRC and we could discuss something. PM me on here.