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  1. *Cough*.. I bump this topic every year to try and hunt down some fellow vets. WHERE ARE YA ALL!!!!!!!!!! - MC - Dasher
  2. This game might just blow all records away. No doubt it will beat the previous sales of GTA IV by a landslide.
  3. I've never played Red Dead Redemption but SA use to frustrate me a little when lost in the desert for the first time. I guess the benefit of having such a huge map is the unexpected and not knowing what will happen next. Though I do hope its not too big because sometimes isolation can ruin the rhythm of a game.
  4. I cannot stop drooling for this game.. Goodbye social life.
  5. RIP to those who weren't lucky enough to survive. We might be on this earth for billions of more years but nothing can defeat nature.
  6. I thought GTA 1 never had a map radar - I guess that shows how long it has been! I always remember those orange people. I don't think they were a gang but if you approached them, you'd get battered.
  7. zerb

    #games channel on IRC

    Time to find my old red alert disc..
  8. A bit late but good job to everyone behind this. The MTA adventure lives on that much longer!
  9. zerb

    MTA Android App.

    When you do have time then by all means keep this topic updated as this would defaintly be a big hit. Whilst I know this was made by you I think if someone out there was to create the final touches then perhaps MTA could use this as the official app for the community. Great work nonetheless.
  10. Is this the MTA forums or eHarmony.com?
  11. zerb

    MTA Android App.

    Credit to you for doing something like this out of interest and into you're spare time. I think this could become very popular if everything was put together.
  12. Well if it wasn't to do with MTA then I'd say Google Kim Kasdashian.. Or depending on your knowledge of programming you could join the small group of people trying to bring MTA:VC back to life!
  13. The textures in the picture with the red plane look gorgeous. Yes, gorgeous..
  14. zerb


    I don't jump on the whole fan-boy bandwagon but I have the 4S, which was the first Apple mobile device, and it hasn't let me down. I think the Siri is a little glorified and nothing special because by the time it has translated what you have said you would have probably already done what you wanted too by hand anyway.
  15. Good question but to be honest it is one that nobody can answer. Whilst innovations might die out, a legacy always lives on I guess. There are still many of us hoping that one day VC will return and be like what it was back in 2003-2005 era. MTA will always have a large following because of the history that we have created, both the developers and the community. It was only the beginning of this year that MTA won the mod of the year remember? MTA is still going strong.
  16. Since when is having something called "it sucks" a fair point of criticism? I doubt they would have even analyzed a single thing and instead couldn't be asked either. This forum is the heart of this community of ours and the last thing we want to do is encourage idiots to spam/flame the place with a load of crap. We try to moderate this forum as much as possible but if two people have two different opinions or hate for one and other then settle your differences elsewhere. Act your age or get out, simple.
  17. I love the first screenshot. Try cycling on sand in real life..
  18. zerb

    GTA 5!

    I'm not really that excited like I have been previously for the other releases because I was hoping the game would return to the sunny beaches of Vice City.
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    I'd advise you to contact one of the forum administrators (PM) just in case they don't notice this post.
  20. I agree with your last sentence - enjoy life as much as we can now. Whilst I generally believe the world will come to an end due to some form of a natural disaster, I would be silly to ignore any possible threat of another world war. Christ knows what the dodgy North Koreans are up too..
  21. Polar caps melting, eurozone crisis, corrupt politicians, high umployment rates, middle east close to full eruption of war, countless debt.. now we are just waiting till yellowstone erupts and that will be the final part of the jigsaw!
  22. zerb

    MTA Wallpapers

    Woovie's extra really does good for the eyes..