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  1. Time to light up a joint.. #whatshaningguys!!
  2. Sound old faces in this thread!
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    Welcome along! Good to see new faces every now and again - its keeps this legacy of a forum alive.
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    #games channel on IRC

    GTA2 online. Absolutely amazing. Needs to be done!
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    Everyone has a different opinion. When I started playing MTA it was all about deathmatch. I use to cherish those memories, some of my best in gaming for sure, especially the clanwars (anyone who was around the 2004-6 era would agree). I personally don't like rolepay but I certainly don't hate it. Many in the past have came onto this forum and criticized the current MTA generation for being so pro-replay than deathmatch. Though in the past we didn't have all these tools/scripts to enable us to create with our own imagination like what you can do today.
  6. I think many of us would be gutted if it didn't get released on PC as its where the series all originally began. People talk about R* being disloyal but I do understand they're view because its so easy for people to download content illegally nowadays that potentially R* are being robbed of profits - though this is only an assumption and not a definite reason. Another could be the amount of issues people had with GTA V on the PC before. I thought it was the worst of the series tbh. However, I do still think it will come to PC. I know Amazon can be quite dodgey at times but the PC version was advertised and the same for another company (I think it was GAME in the UK).
  7. The best post I have ever read on this forum. Srećan Rodjendan Godfather!
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    Please help me

    http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Server_Manual Any help?
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    Connection lost

    Check that your firewall hasn't blocked/disabled any connections to MTA.
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    MTA Market

    You've got some serious talent, Solidesnake14. Whilst scripting isn't the toughest of things to learn, it can be highly frustrating as a beginner to get to grips with any programming language. You learnt in your spare time and now making a small profit from your own knowledge. Fair play to you.
  11. I actually wtf'd when I saw that you posted, Vicer. You might be late but the legacy lives on!
  12. Whilst I'm sure you would do a great job as of right now there is simply no need for a moderator. This section is hardly active with only 4 topics including this one. If it ever starts to get popular, we'll keep an eye out and let you know.
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    I think you're lost. This is the MTA forum - nothing related to SAES. I'm quite sure they have a seperate website and forum for you to find out details.
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    Most of us are in hibernation I guess. I know I created this topic and probably should have took more responsibly. Whilst there is nobody playing actively right now, there are loads of us hiding away waiting for something to happen. When I created this topic last year I was starting to be more active again on the scene though other commitments in the real world took over but I'm sure something will happen. Actually let me rephrase that - something WILL happen. It's just when..
  15. Great stuff as always guys!
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    Happy New Year!

    Okay. Let's be honest. Who got laid?
  17. Nearly a decade of this great adventure and still going strong! - credit as always to everyone involved!
  18. Its crazy to think that next year will be one decade since the first release of MTA. I first joined back in 2004. My earliest memory was spawning at the ship down the docks on VC - and stupidly hiding from nobody (I thought there were others on the server - pathetic, I know). We've all been a newb.. Over the years I have met many great people through this community and whilst some have stayed, most have moved on in life. I use to remember the old days when people would be on MSN and have their statuses set to things such as - "Clanwar at 19:00 GMT", "How did we F**KING lose to these!?!?", "Visit our new website, new clan member.. bla, bla". I do wonder what happened to many of these folk and I bet I'm not the only one to think the same. The purpose of this topic is to ask you guys what you miss most about MTA and if you could - how far back would you go? As I vet, I think many wouldn't argue that the times in GTA3 and VC were filled with great memories - some of the best in my gaming experience regardless of how unstable the game was to play at times. I remember when the All-Seeing Eye browser would be completely full of MTA servers, completely full of players and clan wars happening most evenings. If I could go back in time, it would be to around 2005. MTA:VC to me was at its peak. There must have been about 10-12 active clans playing 24/7 - let alone all the other little ones (mainly without a server but would quite happily get thrashed 5-0 in a match - respect for them). There was even the infamous European Championships during that year too.
  19. The graphics look absolute mint!
  20. I'd message one of the forum administrators if I was you to help with your request - one of them owns the site.
  21. If MTA had the amount of developers - say 6-7 years ago - than I'd say absolutely. However, as the guy above said, the numbers aren't around anymore. It's a big ask considering the new generation of GTA (IV & onwards) is a whole different platform compared to SA and the previous versions. I would never-say-never though because at least MTA is open-sourced which it wasn't all those years back. Therefore that doesn't say somebody might not come along one day, share their knowledge and make it happen.
  22. I'd be up for it - though I do find it hard to get spare time nowadays. If I was you, I'd drop a message on MTA IRC and get people to reply to this thread. There are loads of us still hidden away wanting some VC action to happen again.
  23. Has anyone brought this? I am tempted to go down memory lane. I don't know how many times I've completed the game on the old PS2 or PC but VC was one of a kind.