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  1. 10 years and still going strong - well done to everyone involved.
  2. zerb

    Call Of Duty: Ghosts

    The most overrated game of all-time. Enough said.
  3. zerb

    [XG] & [XT] - XenoGamers

    So many legends in this thread..
  4. Loving the extra servers - now just got to dig into the skulls of the MTA community and let them hear our voices.
  5. zerb

    Finding BRULLA

    We think he might be lurking around in the poorer suburbs of Helsinki, Finland.
  6. zerb

    Finding BRULLA

    Please help donate to the "find the brulla" foundation.
  7. If this is true then its good to see Argonath still around. I didn't play on the server much but it was always a nice little community.
  8. It was fairly busy last week. I admit I haven't been playing this week due to other things so I don't know if the server was busy or not - but it doesn't surprise me that it wasn't. Usually around 20:00 GMT we would have 8-10 people then again we were quite busy last week due to it being the holiday season. However we will be holding regular monthly nights and will keep you updated.
  9. Credit to R* as they always have done eye-catching box art with the GTA series.
  10. If he could then that would be brilliant - do keep us updated. As for GTA3 - no, though that's only because myself and the others only played VC. I could speak to the owner about it though its highly unlikely he would want to run both. Ideally we'd be better off finding a separate host.
  11. Glad you enjoyed it man - the stubby fight was funny! You would have loved it even more when MTAVC was in its prime (7-8 years ago). Its only been a few days since we started this revival and we've already had at least 20 different players come and go.
  12. zerb

    Server Trouble

    When you close down your server you are disconnecting everyone who was originally on it - so if you do you want a 24/7-server then by all means leave your computer running all day and night but we all know that's not ideal. Alternatively you can purchase a dedicated server from a hosting company which will then allow you to control your server and have it running 24/7 - though this obviously comes at a cost.
  13. Back-up link to FULL INSTALLER below.. http://www.speedyshare.com/TCrzR/mta05r ... taller.exe Additional mirrors: http://speedy.sh/gbwNd/mta05r2-full-installer.exe http://www.2shared.com/file/xAXtCgLM/mt ... aller.html http://www.filedropper.com/mta05r2fullinstaller http://www.mediafire.com/?hrp6f3g2f63e70y http://share.cx.com/Jvqjsm http://www.4shared.com/file/p_iwSYT1/mt ... aller.html
  14. Yeah good thinking guys - I'll add it myself since I got mod rights.
  15. I've provided a link below to MTA 0.5r2 for everyone - if it expires then let me know. http://speedy.sh/TCrzR/mta05r2-full-installer.exe
  16. Busiest server yet today - 10 players. Sure, its nothing compared to what it was like back in the day but small steps at a time I guess.
  17. No worries. It gets busy towards the evening. Most of us idle during the day.
  18. Follow these steps.. Install Vice City > Load it once to the Start Screen > Afterwards install this (http://speedy.sh/JaxmC/mta05r2-full-installer.exe) > Open the client and type in the server details from the first post > Connect.
  19. Do you have the 0.5r2 client? I can send you the link if you're still having problems.
  20. Absolutely - it's 24/7. Though it gets active around 21.00 GMT.
  21. Well the plan is to keep it up 24/7 with a decent script. We're playing right now if anyone is interested.
  22. zerb


    We got a little revival going on. Check out the link below. Whilst I know this thread is almost dead, I know some of you have subscribed for updates.. https://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewto ... 7a72422547