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    10 Years..

    Better than being called a w*nker I guess.. (almost rhymes and a very poor attempt, I know) eh..
  2. zerb

    Forum "Ranks"

    Good luck if anyone can reach that.
  3. zerb


    We've been alive for over 10 years and we're still here. So don't worry..
  4. You're best bet bro might be to PM Towncivilian (forum administrator) as he was the last person to update anything to do with VC.
  5. I mean the team should just release the alpha version to the public anyway. Nobody rarely checks this side of the forum anymore apart from us little loyal legion.
  6. Just release VC BLUE to the public and let us get on with it.
  7. And the adventure continues.. Greatjob to everyone involved!
  8. It could be a firewall issue maybe? You didn't decline your connection to MTA at all when installing?
  9. I believe there was one whom use to be in KFC or ULK - I could be wrong. I'm asking about the Hungarian guys who used to play between 05-06 time. Good guys.
  10. Jano! Long time! How's life treating you? Would you by any chance know if guys like Vakond and Lucifier are still around? They're Hungarian who use to play back in the day.
  11. I've generally not felt this excited for a game since VC was announced 11 years ago. Bring it on!
  12. zerb


    Its out of our control. No matter what gaming community you join there will always be a small minority who have nothing else to do other than to disrupt the pleasure for others.
  13. And the adventure continues.. Well done to everyone involved!
  14. zerb

    #games channel on IRC

    Ransom, if you read this - Bring it!
  15. Demand and Problematic. Fair to say..
  16. zerb

    #games channel on IRC

    We still got this channel up? I fancy challenging one of you guys on Worms. Yes, that's right. Worms. What a classic.
  17. Good luck with it. I think this will appeal to many. For those who haven't played S.T.A.L.K.E.R - I'd highly recommend it.
  18. zerb

    A Thank You Note

    Positive words. Much respect.
  19. Ah, I guess I underestimated their size! I thought they were soley based in GTA.
  20. I really think this will broaden the horizon for many new players who join our community - especially those who struggle with English. Long overdue but good work to everyone contributing.
  21. Did the Argonath community move into SA? I don't play it so I wouldn't know tbh.
  22. Bump. We're still around people.
  23. I really hope this game delivers - unlike GTA IV.