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  1. The links up the top look more noticeable than they already are – I like it.
  2. It’s not every day that we get to see the start of something new. Early stages show that this looks a promising project. I’ve been around the community for years. By any chance if you do need testers then I will raise a hand. Good luck with it.
  3. I’ve moved this topic into the gang section as every now and again players do browse around for opportunities. I would advise to ask around in the servers, get to know a few players and see who would be interested. It might be easier to create a clan with your own input to start with – create a clantag and if you’ve got the time, create a simple website to draw player’s attention and hopefully begin to grow. Whilst a server is ideal, not everyone has the cash and certainly it can be hard to trust certain hosts in this community – so keep your eyes open.
  4. zerb

    Please a little help

    Are you trying to create your own server or does this happen when connecting to any server (sounds like a possible resource problem)? Try installing the latest version of MTA (nightly) perhaps? http://nightly.multitheftauto.com/
  5. Why do so many people ignore the dates is beyond belief.
  6. Football in the Balkans is corrupted which is sad because technically we produce so much young talent. Anyone play Football Manager for the PC?
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    Try downloading the latest nightly version and report back. http://nightly.multitheftauto.com/
  8. Congratulations! It’s nice to know that a server in MTA has been recognised with such record. It really goes to show how big the MTA community is and what people, like yourself, contribute towards it.
  9. If people don’t come across this topic then I suggest browsing around the scripting section and take notice of some user’s signatures – as some experienced people are offering services. Just a heads up really.
  10. Ok. Let’s not see another topic get out of hand shall we? Whilst some people speak the truth, it can be hard to believe what is said over the internet. Perhaps showing some proof that you do provide a secure service might open the door to people becoming interested in what you have to offer.
  11. Please post a screenshot of the problem to enable us to help you.
  12. Please refer to the latest nightly build – this problem has occurred a lot lately. Install latest runtime version if needed. - http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=35
  13. Colo-Colo.. Didn’t you guys have some 13 year old called nik millan a few years ago. I remember him making the headlines because he was some kid dubbed the new Ronaldo.
  14. zerb

    Poor activity on forums?

    Personally I think the forum looks nice the way it is - the layout, colours and such. It’s neat, tidy and the navigation is not an issue. Unfortunately MTA is never going to be on the same level as activity compared to say SA-MP forum wise. Whilst San Andreas is a popular game, many people now will type “GTA IV multiplayer” or similar into a search engine because people think that MTA is in the past. In reality not every person has stayed round long enough to see the thousands of features available with this product. Whilst it would be nice to see more activity on this forum I wouldn’t - perhaps some others might agree - want to see this forum get too crowded and become a total mess. MTA is still a very active community regardless of what happens in this forum.
  15. Sure. I love it. Who do you support?
  16. zerb

    Consoles or PC?

    Nothing can beat a GameBoy classic - black & white! Being honest - PC wipes the floor with consoles and the Golden Joystick awards proved that.
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    Izvolite! Paaaaartey!!
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    GTA V Trailer

    If R* have said that it is the largest game yet then do think they refer to the size of the map or the amount the game will offer?
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    There is something touching my leg..
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    Anyone in politics deserves a punch in the face.