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  1. It is a competitve enviroment when it comes to choosing a host, albeit a reliable one. Why not just browse through the topics in this secton? It's a shame that most comments to various topics are those who just wish to spam or have a hate towards another community. I'd advise to read through each topic carefully.
  2. What a perfect way to end the year. It goes to show just how strong MTA has become. Roll on 2012!
  3. You have to love Christmas for many reasons. The presents, the roast dinner, getting drunk at the work party and sleeping with the women who works in the other office... Merry Christmas everyone!
  4. Throw them into your resource folder .. example - "C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.2\server\mods\deathmatch\resources" Plenty of tutorials and such - http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Main_Page
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    Most of the vets moved on a long time ago as not everyone crossed the boader into SA. I suppose most of us knew that the VC wouldn't last forever and decided to leave - perhaps that's why you guys dropped out of the scene? Some of the guys from KFC, ULK etc. can be found on #irc. I think the UK clans like VCES and UVA are still around too. I'm one of the only few guys keeping the FMJ tag alive also.
  6. zerb

    MTA:SA 1.2 Released!

    Another goal achieved in MTA’s long and proud history – Good job.
  7. zerb

    Um.. Virus?

    It might just be a false positive. If you do have any anti-malware programs installed then just run the cleaner. Download the latest MTA version from nightly - http://nightly.multitheftauto.com/
  8. Everyone starts off as a noob – get it?
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    Holy.. a =TmM= member! I remember you boys back in the day. I use to speak to one of your guys on Teamspeak, I can’t remember his tag but he defiantly sounded from somewhere in the North West of England! I was in [GL] the last time I saw you guys around. I think you use to have some issues with us, then again, who didn’t.
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    I cant script.
  11. I’d be careful with anything relating to free hosting, fella. Someone is bound to be watching your every move and will rip you off eventually.
  12. zerb

    MTA SA 1.2

    So, what do you like about it, eh?
  13. I’ve always thought it would have been fascinating to write a report on how far MTA has came as a whole by comparing say MTASA 1.2 to one of the MTA 0.x versions – in terms of technology, experience and resources. People are on the edge of their seats now with all these features – imagine digging through the archives and seeing the hype surrounding the possibility of adding just a basic server side script. Boy have things changed.
  14. South American teams would get smoked if they played in the European Champions League. Look at how Barcelona killed Santos.
  15. zerb

    GTA V/SA

    I never got the hype with Los Santos. I thought the city was quite poor. Las Venturas was the highlight for me. Though I admit, once you returned to Los Santos to kill Smoke, it does seem like you did bring CJ a long way in life.
  16. Why don’t you just make one yourself? http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Server_Manual Nothing comes for free in life – unless you’re a spoilt, obviously. Browse for this section of the forums as there are always people flogging hosts for sale.
  17. This thread might as well be called "The Chilean National Football Topic".
  18. zerb

    5000 posts!

    I failed big time.
  19. That’s a fair point. It’s not like the AI provide much competition. Anyone can easily survive for an hour or more without dying even with the highest amount of wanted stars.
  20. Towncivilian.. is there anything you can’t do? This looks excellent. Now you wont have to spend all that time searching for drivers for everyone!
  21. MTA versus the world now. Bring it on!
  22. zerb

    5000 posts!

    I actually had to Google that.