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  1. Yo Sugar. I've been away for a while but I see your still very much active on this project. Congrats man. The old days of Vice will always be fresh in my memory. Keep up the good work.
  2. zerb


    Who else is on the hype train or is everyone broke? I own 4 LTC which basically means peanuts. A few altcoins here and there too.
  3. Talk about nostalgia! Fair play to you as always, man.
  4. A McGregor win would probably be the biggest upset in sports history. I'd love to see it happen but I highly doubt it.
  5. 2003-2006 is what I believe was the golden generation in MTA's history. A lot of us vets reminisce about the old times but they aren't coming back.
  6. zerb


  7. I recognise the [TTH] tag from my era. Brings back memories.
  8. ^^ Well done to all involved. Happy holidays!
  9. We wish buddy. Those days are long gone.
  10. I'm glad to see ixjf join the project. A talented young kid, he'll go far.