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  1. thanks for the tips but it still doesnt work...probably cause i can't find mta.ini =S..i also dont wanna delete anything form regedit cause im not sure what's what =/......
  2. after i install MTA client, the program does not show up and when i try to open it, it says 'only one MTA Client can be run at a time' (or something simliar to that)..and i cant even close it with task manager to close it! even after i uninstall MTA Client, it says it's still running. thx
  3. hmmmm..i will try other versions
  4. I have two question,what if it still does not work? Does this happen to other version of MTA?
  5. My Vice City have not been mod for ages so the MTA should work. Iam in process of doing the things
  6. Cmon! does anyone know what is going on! Their are 36 views and only a few people answered.
  7. I tried that 11 times but it still did not work. Actually,i keep a backup on all the Vice City folders so i do not have to reinstall everything. Yesterday morning,i was playing perfectly fine exept my screwed up broadband. I have absolutely no idea how this bug came along....(i started playing yesterday morning)
  8. i will try that but that is not the worst problem. That helped a lot thanks but know it says modified client.
  9. nope, no mods or anything
  10. Here are the problems.Wheni click start game,0x3A6E696D shows up.And when i connect,it always say it disconnect:timed out.And when i press start game,it says you are using a modified client. I tried all the things the MTA team said but it still did not work.Please help because i really like MTA.
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