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  1. fixed it. great tool., I love it. Thank you for taking your time and making this mirc script. Thank you alot
  2. Ok thnx but I did this but never worked. Ill just reinstall. Do you think this would solve my proplem?
  3. Ok, I fingerd it out myself. Anyway I bascally now need to know how to make myself level 10 lolz Anyway great script working works great atm just need lev 10
  4. o I went in mirc and this: http://img239.imageshack.us/img239/9134/untitledtl4.jpg I tried everything, nothing works in gta, well not nothing but the commands dont work with me. thank you in advanced
  5. done it thnx to aron on another post. thnx btw
  6. same old message bro. Dam I really want it up hehe
  7. I got a proplem, my connections time out, I tryed changing some shit, still nothing. Anyhelp? Pass+username is ment to be? the same as the one when I got into rcon on gta? Because it is
  8. now for some reason i cant mute my friend or anything ummmm stuck lol
  9. lol http://i15.tinypic.com/499w74x.jpg My latest
  10. O it works thnx alot bro do you want that graphicx
  11. I did that and fuck all. Same error, how sad is this, this is by far stupid
  12. My config: If someone rewrites this and makes it work for me, Ill make you a sig or a wallpaper. I am a graphic desginer so It is a gift from me to you. http://img393.imageshack.us/img393/7570/untitlediq6.jpg ^^ My other proplem Anyway thnx
  13. thnc alot you guys, but i tried it and logged in but no message this time, i tried to mute ma m8, but nothing happend. can someone please write the config little bit of what is what? I mean like you posted before but tell me how to log in? thnx alot am a bit rusty lol
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