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  1. you did not to fix it its ok you must load scripts in MTAMA by aeron and type !your command in MTA client
  2. XaVeR


    ehh, look on subject of this topic can You help me or not?
  3. XaVeR


    no if MD5 hashes are diffrend script will update
  4. XaVeR


    i want to give a scripts to my friend, but i'm afraid to he will edit him and tell everybady its his script and i want to protect them like a MTAMA or GuS, now how to use this DLL?
  5. XaVeR


    can You help me?
  6. XaVeR


    http://mircscripts.org/comments.php?cid=2134 is it ok? i cant find nothing more...
  7. XaVeR


    Hi, how to generate MD5 checksum for FILE, no file name but for ALL file? Can I do it by mIRC? If yes what command shout i use? Thanks for Help, XaVeR
  8. sorry for dubble posting but i have a question: i thing to this error is occuring becouse i have testes it on my local server... i have LAN am i correct? ir this error occuring for mIRC version? (i have 6.16 and mtama 3.24)
  9. mta console: )SoE(*XaVeR: !ip PM from Admin: Unknown IP: Unknown )SoE(*XaVeR: !ip xaver PM from Admin: Unknown IP: Unknown )SoE(*XaVeR: !kick 'Unknown' zostal wyrzucony przez ')SoE(*XaVeR' Powod: Brak. )SoE(*XaVeR: !ban 'Unknown' dostal bana od ')SoE(*XaVeR' Powod: Brak. )SoE(*XaVeR: !stfu i main mirc window errors: - * /mta.getip: insufficient parameters - * /mta.getip: insufficient parameters - * /mta.kick: insufficient parameters - * /mta.getip: insufficient parameters - * /mta.getip: insufficient parameters - * /mta.getip: insufficient parameters - * /mta.getip: insufficient param
  10. ok, i will remember, now can you help me? ;d
  11. THX, now why it wasn;t working? because there is more dont woeking scripts...
  12. i added some scripts to admin system by aeron... alias cs.version !return v1.0 Public on *:SIGNAL:mta.join: { if ($findtok(login logout register help,$mta.name($1,$2),1,32)) { mta.msg $1 $2 Nick $+(',$mta.name($1,$2),') jest zabroniony. mta.kick $1 $2 } elseif ($ini(nickserv.ini,$mta.name($1,$2))) { mta.msg $1 $2 Nick $+(',$mta.name($1,$2),') jest zarejestrowany. masz 30 sekund aby sie zalogowac. mta.msg $1 $2 Aby sie zalogowac wpisz "/msg login ". $+(!.timer,$1,.,$2) 1 30 mta.kick $1 $2 } else { mta.msg $1 $2 Na serwerze sa uruchomione skrypty MTA:CS by XaVeR! Mozesz
  13. i want all PM messages and spawned message ;d
  14. i want to make many language script... for example: !en- scripts will be in english, !pl- scripts will be in polish and every one can have another language...
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