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  1. i love the forum people except driver Yeah I kno Everyone hates me /me kicks KungFu /me kicks KFC /me kicks MTA /me gives a pat on the back toSA-MP team.
  2. /me doesn't like mta team except oli.
  3. I think MTA should concentrate on 0.5.5 and leave SA to people who know what they are doing. I'm not saying that mta team not doing a good job but other people like sa-mp all ready synched health bars drivebys passengers and stuff and by the looks of it they are doing much better than mta. let mta finish 0.5.5 and from there we will see, if people gonna hate that version 2 it's probably gonna be an end to mta, but let's hope thet mta makes 0.5.5 a multiplayer that everyone will want to play. /me votes concentrate(how do u spell that again?) on 0.5.5
  4. That's not a bad idea. cough*driver should have more weps*cough
  5. Driver

    RPg prob

    Normally all the cras become able to sell after 10 min nub.
  6. Try clearing your banned.lst or something in your mta or server older and check your firewall if u have one. It might be blocking some ports on there.
  7. Driver


    or how about YOU shut up?
  8. Driver


    That's too bad
  9. Driver

    RPg prob

    Dude other ppl will not be able to make onety at all either. Ever though of that? Do u want me to open a file and money to their accounts when i feel like it?
  10. Driver

    RPg prob

    I don't want to get the money the cheap way. I wanna sell cars to make money.
  11. I'm gonna make cj look like a robber. Something like in this pic i found made by opium:
  12. Driver

    RPg prob

    dude all the cars belong to sunshine and none can besold or bought. So bascly u can't make any money.
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