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  1. bulit in teamspeak? just like they did with ase? lol.
  2. im in too, i would love to play this game with vc controls
  3. yeah but when you dont touch your mouse and let it auto move the camera, it is slow like gamefreek said, and its way to low. it should be easy to make a crosshair mod to make gameplay simular to vc, and since im guessing the first release for mta:sa is gonna be on the blue core it should be moddable.
  4. k00ner

    GTASA Screenshots

    i belve there was a thread asking for ppl to post screens anyways herei go: i took these using the ingame camera (except one with the hud)
  5. ok well when u press rightclick it does show a crosshair (we already knew this) but it zooms up and looks very ugly..it should just be very simple to add a crosshair to the game (waits for blue)
  6. you dont see it as a problem as in...? as in you will mod it to work properly? or we just gotta live with it? im the one who pointed this out on teamspeak to jani after first playing the game on the pc... it is really annoying i hope it wont be released like that and if it is..wow its sure gonna be diffrent/wierd to shoot people.
  7. umm isnt mta:sa gonna be built on the blue engine thus allowing us to put them where ever the fuck we want
  8. this is gonna be a very big bump but where the fuck is the hotdog song damn it, i want it anyone still have a link? or on tehre computer?
  9. rofl stop following me and quoteing me stalked j/k is C O C K i mispelled coke....
  10. k00ner

    a mod of mta?

    lol not really as long as u dont steal there dlls etc.
  11. k00ner

    a mod of mta?

    so bascily like i said punkbuster for mta how will mta like the fact that theres another "mta" client mods /devs? i on the other hand think its a great idea, it will tottaly poon all hackers, we were talking about this in ts about a month ago when playing americas army (which had punkbuster) . i think it should be allowed. mta team?
  12. lol, and the flaming begins. nice find, new to me too.
  13. k00ner

    a mod of mta?

    i havent had much time to complete my stuff due to other work i gotta do, anyways sobeit thats a great idea, damn cant belive i didnt think about that. so basicly if you have played any real fps online games or mmorpgs its like that right? nprotect , punkbuster? so it starts up with mta and can totaly fuck u over if u hack lol. now question is how exactly would this be done? unless im completly wrong and its some sorta server side thing which would be real interesting. mta would need to change in there future versions of mta to make this start up with it , that is the only way what im th
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