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    70% of nades are based on luck, specially from that pic u can see he must have threw the nade into B tunnels, its not hard when theres usually half the T side in there. like sphinx said, any "good" player will not let u knife them unless its a sly behind kill which is doubtful because if there good they will hear u.
  2. DopeY


    LOL u think getting a knife kill and a few others means u pwn?
  3. Haha, i've known Oli for almost 2 years now, so defending a m8 who's a nice guy is known as being a follower? Does anyone really think that he would need to add something like that, he's on the MTA team for gods sake, he could just write something into blue if he was remotely that type of person. 1. he couldn't write this into blue because its obviously not just him making it so it would be spotted by another member of the team before it was released. 2. your saying you had no part in this. you obviously knew it was there because you was going into peoples servers with admin. also it do
  4. DopeY

    !backup and !status

    it would be better if only cops can ask for backup, and that it only tells other cops in a PM edit: ill do 1 for u in a bit, busy atm
  5. he looks like 1 of them nobs who think there big and hard "OMG I PUNCHED A BUS STOP WINDOW HAHAHA IM HARD MAN" EDIT: really, i can tell by how he wears his cap wat type of person he is.. i know ppl just like him and there all nobs
  6. omg kurtis just got pwned, and y did u post tht pic, u look just as bad, u still look like a little queer who has mommy fighting his battles, and watch out, some 1 may just pay you a little visit EDIT: and 5a? A = bottom of a flat if im not mistaken? lmao u live in a flat?
  7. he gets his nan and mom to do his backing tracks
  8. kurt.. u make out ur big and bad, yet u go around punching bus stops.. errm how old are u?
  9. look, i dont care what game you are trying to play here, read the rules and u broke them for no reason at all, now if u dont mind just end it
  10. right.. yes forums are for posting but not for flaming, we havent done anythin to u so if u dont have anything good to say dont say anything at all
  11. im very impressed to see a video this early, GJ guys plz keep us updated ur doin well, u get a pat on the back
  12. i agree, the SA controls spoil the game, if the game was more like VC it wud be mega good, i was readin through this thread and saw some1 say they use mouse2 to aim... what about jump, in SP jump isnt very important but in MP it is u dont wanna be using the other side of the keyboard to jump cuz by the time u have pressed it ur dead :\
  13. Yep, was a wicked game, no arguements both clans played great. GG
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