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  1. Wow I'm late on this. I been around and anyone who's been around from the start knows me. Hmu
  2. whut it dew? if anyone sittin on a ps3 with gtaiv holla at me! add my ass kbagz420
  3. -chronic-

    Clan Dead

    speakin of clan dead, where the hell is kfc hidin at? someone get at me.
  4. roflllllllllllll gg i mean gl
  5. -chronic-


    ay boi, i dont like yo gotdamn tone. yea i sorta miss readin the forums and laughin at everyone flamin everyone else, we shoulda had a fight club forum what up an shouts to everyone i haven't talked to in a minute.
  6. when i was real young, i had a 386 with a 14.4k modem... i used to play LORD on BBS's.. cheesy-ass ascii game.. fun at the time. when i got a decent computer it was Doom and Doom2... when i got a good computer continued with Doom and Doom2 on Legacy engine, then Zdaemon and the Skulltag.. then all the good FPS's after that.
  7. no but you can learn how to use adobe imageready.. Tutorial
  8. nice offtopic discussion.. looks like you guys have some dedication to actually move this gang off the ground. good luck, you won't beat KFC
  9. pwnT? i think he did have sexual relations with that woman!
  10. rofl! that's so funny cuz that's all i did.. go punch out that first guy and then they all start chasing you and u run across the train rails and they all get fried, and u get a bonus.. kinda like running over the whole group of elvis impersonators in GTA2.. "Elvis has left the building!" haha memories.
  11. F) i like laughing at people who go out of their way to proove useless information for no cause whatsoever to a bunch of kids who probably give a shit less. G) someone's probably gonna take offence to that. i would too.
  12. -chronic-


    settle down, you didn't create userbars or anything.. that's how you're talking..
  13. i think you should pay attention to the last couple posts, son.
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