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  1. Oh, I have plenty. Belive me, FKU won't even stand up to what will come of this.
  2. Luck isn't needed this time around. You'll see.
  3. Founded and inspired by KFC's own XCrispy. Our newest creation. More to come soon.
  4. That's gay. My Official Quote wall is better. >.<
  5. Yup, those who "hate" me. Will make it very ugly . Very much hate in this community, havn't seen much hate like this in other places, sorry if that's to hard said. Shut up Blade.
  6. I say Fuck MTA:SA >.< Don't let MTA in vc die There's a 98% chance that I will never even TRY MTA:SA, it doesn't interest me at all.
  7. OMG, talidan is the green ranger irc.multitheftauto.com/powerrangers lol, hes just a wannabe, i dont look like that really Wannabe? I'm the real thing, chump.
  8. Your tag looks like what I say when I step in dog shit. "AUCK!"
  9. Your poll is flawed. All weapons should be allowed, taking weapons out is for pussies/noobs.
  10. ...Sorry, my beautiful face got buried
  11. WheeLmaN

    MTA Allstars (A)

    Uh or SoL.... This has been attempted several times and never works. Good fucking luck.
  12. Well I think that mta is cool. And I don't wanna sound like a queer or nothin, but I think unicorns are pretty cool.
  13. Heh.... If there's still anyone room I'll join. I'll give you guys plenty of competition. PM me or msn me if you would like me to enter.
  14. /me didn't even know ULK still existed (No offense intended.)
  15. Yeah, but Wojjie's servers are WAY overpriced... It's nuts.
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