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  1. End of teh day , you all love teh pakis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL CANT WAIT TO U ALL GET BOMBED that will own tbh , then u will think omfg Dante the thick cunt was right
  2. Please dont tell me not to be racist, never happen : )
  3. if that was aimed at me that wasnt my point So basically you are Paki Scum
  4. How said anything about blaming the nation :Q , im blaming that stupid place called pakiland<< eh man , fuck it one day this country will be takin over by them, So we will see whos right in time Kurt , shh 14 year old gat shotting boy Jigga<< WTF WHO ROFL
  5. My head is fine thank you. You really should get your head out of your computer and turn the news on . 3 pakis have been caught and who all was born in this country, So do you agree that it is ok for them to Bomb us ? o and yes this country has been bombed many times but not by people who was brought up in this country , all they do is take the piss out of the UK >> get born here , grow up here , eat shit piss drink here , then bomb us. Iggy this is not spam, is a normal topic trying to sort someone head out who thinks its fine to bomb people.
  6. I'd like to see one of you too, especially after what you said about kurt, supressed issues maybe? No, i'm not a paki(stani), although i don't see why that matters, you have something against them? ..but the other 3 are? Aren't you mad that this mysterious kid has stolen your glasses, your haircut, and basically your hole appearance? I'd be pissed Do i have something against them ? err the fact that 3 of the fuckers was born in this country and bombed us... i dont love them the basic fact is i hate the fuckin c u n t s but it seems to me you are one and love them, see it this way wha
  7. ...and you're one to go around taking the piss? I'm not one for violating people's privacy and posting pictures of them without their concent, but oh well ..and on a good day: Can we see an image of u please , ive been told your a paki
  8. Coming to gat u get meh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. The top one aint dan i got it from google today
  10. FFS that cap is AWESOME! Besides the fact it dont fit you and you live in a flat
  11. Take being a gangster , by first growing a penis
  12. Oh My Lord Yo kurt Stop right now , thank you very much i need somebody with no Balls and Cock yeahahahaha
  13. Damm Kurt you seem heavy man ^^ nice walljumping ^^^ :O :O:O:O:O Damm man all this shit from a 14 year old.
  14. Kurt ^ 14/15 year old. was in UVA
  15. lmao so how long we got to wait for this ?
  16. Most of the posts u make are pointless , so thxggbyebyenn
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