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  1. it's done, you cant read or what I said and repeated it in this thread 300 times at least
  2. RPG > Base: Vercetti-Estate - Owner: Un-Claimed [sSQ]G-Unit > Area: Disabled [sSQ]G-Unit: !sprice 30 RPG > Set Vercetti-Estate's price to $30 Set Disabled's price to $30 [sSQ]G-Unit: !buybase [sSQ]G-Unit: !buyplace [sSQ]G-Unit: !buyplaces RPG > [sSQ]G-Unit bought Vercetti-Estate for $30 PM from Admin: Cannot buy this place [sSQ]G-Unit: !base RPG > Base: Vercetti-Estate - Owner: Un-claimed [sSQ]G-Unit: !place RPG > Property: Vercetti-Estate - Owner: [sSQ]G-Unit - Bought For: $30 [sSQ]G-Unit > Area: Disabled [sSQ]G-Unit: !buybase Ok I can understand I made so
  3. oh and, !sprice, where do I do it, I mean, in game or on mtama ( mirc )
  4. BrAvEhEaRtS


    Glad you answered. Well the mta.ini or something is fresh from the website where I downloaded it, actually the official one. And still like I already said, admin+ is on.
  5. ok so !sprice is like registering the property and adding it the clean way in the ini file right?
  6. BrAvEhEaRtS


    Like I gave the problems in the post named: Something about the rpg mod, and you never answered.
  7. Some other problems, I can'T buy bases like Vercetti Mansion as it'S saying that it's not registered to it, like malibu club to etc.. That's weird. And I can't seem to get money other than selling car..
  8. I still need helps, anybody alive hehe?
  9. Well try it, just go inside the bank and type !steal or !hack or !rob I don't remember, and for me it says the second time, you stole 206$, get back to the dock in 12 seconds. And I can't actually reach it so after it says, The cops caught you so you don't have this money anymore or something like that.
  10. Ok so I'm not the only one, that's great hehe I e-mailed Oli for help and added him to msn, waiting for some answers, if you get some on your side, post it here, I will do it too. Thanx
  11. Yes I have admin+ on, most current version etc.. Everything's fine I think, but the mods work, but partly, it's weird..
  12. ok, still I'll check it out. Thanx for your time by the way, I'll post updates on how it's going here
  13. Yes, and anyway, what's the deal with admin+ in the script lol? It was on already..
  14. Hi, I downloaded the latest RPG mod made by oli and jax I think if I read well. I'm new to this so.. I installed the mirc program and mta:ma. I load the rpg script, then load my server and get into it. Some commands just don't work and, there's other problems. Maybe I am the problem I don't know, maybe you guys could give me places with tutorials on RPG or something. I have problems like: they say I earned like 200 for exemple ( $ ), and it end up as my counter still at 0, and didn't grow up. I get into the el corrupto grande bank I think, and write !account, for an account for my te
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