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  1. Hi, I need help with a script of mine but i dont want to put it in public, so im wondering if someone can give me oli's msn so i can talk to him, thanks
  2. BMX i taught u mirc scripting already! sorry bout other day just get on msn and ill teach u again! (sorry if itz spam)
  3. i dont know how to take a screen shot of mta how?
  4. ok im sorry to flame but FuCKING NORT WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT it crashes when ANY person connects to admin/admin+/mtma jesus...[/flame]
  5. IF i new how to change my name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Dude i know, i registered when ACK was on but i forgot to change my name lol! Ill do that npw
  7. Hi! Im having trouble starting my server. When i start it up it is just fine but when i connect on admin/admin+/MTA:MA ether the admin/admin+/MTA:MA or the Client crashes BUT on the server browser it says the server is still there. I tried using the patch and without it and it doesnt help. Please help.
  8. Hi, when I play gta vc something goes wrong, the screen flickers once every 2 secs and i can't see the time or people's names on MTA. (and single player) I tried changing the resolution on the game but it wont work. And on gta3 when i play every thing is fucked, the graphics and i can see thru people. If anyone has any solution to this please reply. Thanks
  9. they time out. but i think its the server patch cuz when i dont use it ic ant host scripts but people can join, but if i do use it i can host scripts but noone can join(and it doesnt appear in the Game monitor or ASE i checked the ASE thing).
  10. well u gotta move the patched mta server to the one in ur mTA directory try that k?
  11. I found a Solution!!!!!!1 Download the Vc Patch 1.1 and update it and TA-DA u have it workin agn!!!!!!
  12. Um When i use the server patch 1.0 for mTA no one can join my game can i plz ave a solution 4 this?
  13. This may sound weird but this happend to me to, And i know who did it, and i have proof..his name is...FAYTE...The Member of VCL, here is the proof Greg says: lol it worked {VCL}gAnGsTa says: huh Greg says: you certainly do Greg says: but as the person who caused the problem Greg says: I don't think helping you is a good idea ______________See? look ^^^hes a hacker a big fat hacker And Im sorry if this has happend to you but, I say we Get him! And Ban him an
  14. When i click Start Game the little disk thing spins but nothing happens, it just stays there with the spinning disk, If someone can help me out here, I would appreciate it. Thanks In Advance.
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