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  1. take care quig! sence u left for good u better start answering your msn...cause thats the only way we can talk to you! haha>
  2. lol gunny we could almost say the same about u ....GL hieu .
  3. When was the last time KFC actually accepted a war challange in game?? =/... and if it was about the people in it wouldnt it be KFG kung fu's glitchorz? hehe not u all. just the newbies and the ones who are actually active in game . I want the old kfc back =/.
  4. <~~sseen eatshit hacking in ur server. his life would go down to a set ammount and then after that Not at all. basically id get him to 3 lines and knock him down 12 times with shotgun after that each one trying to kill shot as well and not a single life loss after. ima read the rest of ur topic to check up if that was already said. Edit* doesnt look like anybody brought up that he hacks. But well if i had fraps id show ya hah. I ran circles around that guy shooting him down each time..at first ur like ok this is cake the life is going down 2 more shots he's gonna be dead. then 12 more tim
  5. word up homie...whenever ur ready n willing . wasnt an attack at all though bro. was just some crazy Bs. sorry that u thought that. well hope we do it soon... byes.
  6. LMFAO. gl AA. A few people ive known for awhile hope when i get my clan up and runnin we can war sometime. Jammin is on his rag? kungs got a sarcasm bug and well really its just a game who cares! have fun and war. least its new leaders and new people. give them a break ya know?
  7. ok well I guess I'm gonna actually appoligize to DooN... heh don't know what I did wrong to disrespect him but I'm sorry if he feels that way...maybe an appology back would be nice...hence i just think he took out some agression on me for the original thread lockage. um... well sorry. I just asked for the 1 on 1 to fight with the best! hope the acception is still on. Cause i wanna show you my improvements . well msg me on MSN n get back or what not. Drove2chaos@hotmail.com. wanted to talk some business too . peace bro.
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