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  1. RPs are dead nobody updated it so i did it =p
  2. vovo

    RPG Haters

    im in !!!!!!1111111 death to all rpgheys
  3. hb!! \o/ so how old u're now?
  4. im doing it on a chopper
  5. vovo

    Skins n radar :S

    just downloaded correct 1.0 .exe and its ok :] tnx
  6. So my prob is like i cant see any skins and blips on MTA. Skins are all mixed, one time robber is an mexican, tommy whatever so i cant recognise between sailor and vcc for example. I reinstalled a few times MTA and VC but with no effect. It looks like this: radar - marks on the map are constantly yellow skins (the dude there should be a robber lol) does any1 had such a prob like me? thx for any replies...
  7. vovo

    ATS - Apparition

    Next awesome vid, as usual from ATS hah
  8. vovo

    MTA Allstars (A)

    (A*)vovo aka =PCP=vovo change it plz btw: inform me about next match if there is one
  9. vovo

    MTA Allstars (A)

    Every match sould look like this
  10. /me wants sum match n stuff
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